Season 4 Episode 6

A Change of Art

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Oct 03, 2005 on PBS Kids

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  • Here is a recap on the episode.

    Main Topic: The slope of a line graph
    The Key Idea: The steeper the line, the quicker the rate is changing.

    Act 1:The episode opens by showing a psychologist's office in an unknown location. Hacker is there, and the psychologist wants Hacker to relax from being so angry about losing control of Cyberspace. The psychologist suggests that Hacker works on art to relax. The next scene shows Digit at the power station in Motherboard's Control Central. He is getting dozens of calls from various cybersites all over the place. They are responding saying that they lost power, and Digit must turn the power on. Motherboard asks Digit what is going on, and Digit is explaining how he is juggling around phone calls. Motherboard dispatches Matt, Jackie, and Inez. When they arrive, they look at the line graph of power in Castleblanca, one of the cybersites that lost power. It shows that at one time of day, the power went off before Digit turned it on. They travel to Castleblanca, and find a humongous statue of Hacker. Everyone claims that when it was put in, the power went off. The team travels to The Northern Frontier, and find Hacker being an artist. He is making another statue. The team also finds a jar of purple dots that Hacker puts on the statues. However, the team does not know what makes the dots so special.

    Act 2: However, there's one big secret to the statues that the squad does not know about! The purple dots create portals, so Hacker can create chaos everywhere in a short period of time. He tests it out with Buzz. When he connects his chin to a cord, and smiles, he activates the statues. Buzz is being sucked into the statue, vanishes, appears in Happily Ever After for a few seconds, vanishes, appears in Sensible Flats for a few seconds, and returns to the Northern Frontier in less than a minute! The cybersquad is back at the power station getting calls from the Three Little Pigs and Judge Trudy. The cybersquad is puzzled by how Buzz can be in two places within a few seconds. Digit decides he will secretly stalk on Hacker. He has a device which tracks distance over a period of time, recorded on a graph. Hacker does not travel by portal, because he has to plug in two new statues in Radopolis and Poddleville. The power turns off, but the kids put it back on. The team is not surprised by the graphs, because it is not going incredibly steeply, and at a rate that the Grim Wreaker can travel at.

    Act 3: Buzz and Delete later catch Digit. At the Northern Frontier, Hacker demonstrates his portal activating device. He refers to it as a "HASER" beam. Digit is trapped in the Grim Wreaker. Now they are traveling through portals. The team sees that the graphs are very steep, so Hacker is traveling very quickly. They know that portals are the only way to travel that fast, and know that the statues are portals. They know that then Hacker can create chaos more easily. Matt concludes that the purple dots are portal dust. They have a plan to get rid of the portals. They destroy the statue at Castleblanca. Buzz sees that there is a problem there. While Hacker is traveling there to put up a new statue, the team rescues Digit. Digit powers up the portals using a "DASER" beam. They send the portals to Motherboard. After Hacker's statue is plugged in at Castleblanca, a portal appears. Hacker travels into it, and meets Motherboard. Motherboard destroys the statues. Back at the psychologists office, Hacker is very sad about losing.

    FOR REAL: Harry goes to the fire station one day. He meets a group of firemen, and admires them. He sees a want ad for a fireman. Harry is interested, so he goes to the Fire Dept. Academy to train. He must pass a physical test to become a fireman. In the test, he must climb up a machine with moving stairs. He expects that when he does the test, he will wear gym clothes. He records his data of steps per minute in training on a graph. When it comes to the test, he must wear Firefighter's gear. All of the drag in his clothes slows him down. The data from the test is also recorded, and the slope of the line is going down, so he is doing poorly. He ends up failing the test, but his teacher suggests that he does another job to help people.