Season 4 Episode 4

Hackers Transformation: Part 3(Past Perfect Prediction)

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jul 27, 2005 on PBS Kids

Episode Recap

Hacker, Buzz, and Delete go to Slider's garage. When Slider sees Hacker he tells him to go away. Hacker then tells Slider that his father and he were business partners when Hacker worked for Motherboard. Buzz and Delete tell Slider that the story is true. Hacker shows Slider a contract, which his father (Coop) owed and had signed. Hacker then gives Slider one week to come up with the money his father owed Hacker. The Hacker is after a card known as the network interface card to make his device, the transformatron work. The amount owed was 5000 snelfus. Slider sells his skateboards and his bike for 800 snelfus. He also had 200 snelfus saved, but he was still 4000 snelfus short. The Cybersquad comes to his garage and suggests that he open his father's garage to make the money sell cryoxide changes. The first day they ordered 66 cans of cryoxide which costs them 990 snellfus. They charge 65 snelfus per cryoxide change. After the first day they find that they have lost 15 snelfus. They figure out that they had based their purchase of cryoxide for Monday on a weekend purchase of Slider's father. Then the Cybersquad figures out that they need to use the pattern from the past to predict the future. They order for the rest of the week, 30 cans of cryoxide for the weekdays and 60 cans of cryoxide for Saturday and Sunday. They earn enough money to pay off Slider's father's det. The Hacker gets his money and leaves. Hacker is unhappy that they came up with the money and says that he will one day take over Cyberspace.