Season 5 Episode 8

Inside Hacker

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Apr 18, 2007 on PBS Kids

Episode Recap

Matts mission, is to insert a memory disc,in a drive Inside Hacker, known as the H-Drive.

At the Northern Frontier, Hacker makes Buzz and Delete clean up the entire Grim Wreaker.

The famous reporter for famous cyberships is on her way to the Northern Frontier, when Hacker has a pain in his back, so he lies down. This causes Matt to lose his balance inside Hacker. When Matt gets his balance back, he is about to insert the memory disc, when Hackers interior, protection system activates a force field that guards the H-Drive. Digit then remembers a robot Dr.Marbles built, that was so tough, it could break through any force field. Digit hands Inez a remote that Dr.Marbles used to control the robot.

She presses a button marked 'Walk' and press another button marked 'Run'.

The robot walks to a wall, and still attempts to walk. Inez presses a button on the remote marked 'Stop'. The robot attempting to walk, and Digit realizes the robot obeys the commands the remote sends.

Meanwhile, in the Grim Wreaker Hackers back still hurts. Buzz is cleaning up the wreaker for the reporters interview with Hacker. Delete finds one of his pens under Hacker's bed, and bumps his head. Hacker falls on the floor, causing more trouble inside him. Inside him, Matt climbs on a pole, over his eating system. But things go more out of control, when Matt climbs the pole. Because chicken soup suddenly comes out of a little hole in the pole and makes it slippery. Matt slides down to Hackers eating system, and grabs a noodle.

At Control Central, Jackie and Inez practice programming the robot. Jackie hits a button marked 'Walk #' and presses '3', then presses'Run'. Jackie then presses another button marked 'Extend Arm', then a button marked 'Turn Right', and then presses' Retract Arm'. Digit finds out they messed up, because they didnt do the commands they needed in the correct order. They then shrink them and put him in a model of Hacker. They find the list is very long and Jackie finds a command marked 'Do List' and finds out the robot can do a list of commands all at once.

While Inez programs the robot, Jackie and Digit try to sneak it into Hacker. Digit finds out and tells Jackie Hacker called for a mechanic, to check his back. Digit and Jackie enter Hackers home and disguise themselves as mechanics. When Jackie inserts the robot in Hacker, Inez, at Control Central, presses 'Do List'. Matt sees the robot, only for its path to be blocked by a carrot. Jackie and Digit are dealing with Hacker, when the real mechanic comes. Hacker finds out the other mechanics are Jackie and Digit, and Jackie and Digit run, to find the exit blocked by wood. Inside Hacker, the robot manages to get around the carrot and insert the disc, making Hackers back feel better and Hacker nice again.

Back at Control Central, Inez programs the robot again, this time to do a dance, since Hacker is nice again.

At the Grim Wreaker, during an interview, Hacker shows his room, which he calls, Hack's Sack. Buzz and Delete are upset Hacker is nice, until the reporter decides to snap a photo. The Hacker removes a hot cushion off of his pens. The pens pop, causing the memory disc to fall out of the

H-Drive,making his back hurt and making him mean again.