Season 1 Episode 12

Of All the Luck

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Feb 05, 2002 on PBS Kids

Episode Recap

Convinced his past failures were the result of bad fortune, the Hacker determines to collect the 10 legendary Good Luck Charms of Cyberspace possession of which, according to the Book of Power, will guarantee him good luck forever. By the time Motherboard learns of his intent, only one Charm remains at large. She sends Digit and the kids after it, but is unable to tell them which of the forest's many bunnies is the lucky one. Using the clues she gives them, they group the bunnies by characteristic, and when Motherboard remembers the exact qualities of the lucky bunny they are able to identify it quickly. Unfortunately, Buzz and Delete grab it and race to the Northern Frontier before the kids can stop them.
Meanwhile, the Hacker has decided to replace the bungling robots. His order to
"Henchmen R Us" for all the henchmen who are "evil or cheap" results in the arrival of a hoard of potential employees. After some consideration, he asks all the candidates who are "evil and cheap" to step forward. Only a henchman named Baskerville presents himself, and the Hacker takes him on. When Buzz and Delete arrive with the bunny he fires them. Backed by Baskerville, he begins to accumulate control of Cybersites without even really trying.
The kids track Buzz and Delete to the Hacker's home, only to find the Charms shut away behind a "forever lock". They are just about to despair of ever freeing them when the Book of Borgs literally drops out of the sky at their feet. Unaware that Buzz and Delete tossed it to them, the kids read the marked passage and discover the secret to breaking the Hacker's luck and freeing the Charms is finding "the two knots" and having them "join gleefully". Some experimentation leads them to group the Charms, so that they're left with two who are "not like the others". Just as the Hacker discovers their attempt the two "knots" hug, and all the Charms disappear from their cell. The kids grab the Motherboard Operating Manual the Hacker had just found through a portal as he sails into a mud-filled pit. Baskerville quits, and to get out of the muck the Hacker must rehire Buzz and Delete.