Season 1 Episode 18

Problem Solving in Shangri-La

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Feb 13, 2002 on PBS Kids

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  • I love this episode.

    I love the Cybersite that the Cybersquad are set in "Shangri-La". I love the storyline and the storyboard. This episode is well written but why do the kids have to call them Nicknames? because for example: Matthew-Matt, Jaks-Jackie, Nessy-Eniz, Dige-Digit, why can't the Cybersquad call them selfs with their real names? but I like this episode anyway. So I liked the part when The Hacker lost. Now my favorite characters are: Matt, Digit, Jackie, Hacker. I like Hacker because he's hysterical he makes me laugh till I cry. So on a scale of 1 to 100 I rate this episode 98.
  • This episode got me good at Mario Party 2's Hunnycomb havic game because it's basiclly the same game. Thanks to this when ever I play Hunnycomb havic I smell victory Delete:"I don't smell nothin boss"

    Though Cyberchase is suppose to help you in math n' other school stuff it autally helped me in a video game,,that's right a video game.
    In Mario Party 2 there is a game called HunnyComb Havic where you have to choose either 1 or 2 things to take off the tree other than the honey comb. The one stuck with the honeycomb loses.
    The game in this episode helped me with this!!!which is the same game....choose either 1,2,or3 dragons to take out rather than the red dragon.The one stuck with the red dragon loses.
    I hope Cyberchase gets better..even though it's good,,,
    we need it bobby hill from king of the hill said " it for the children."