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  • Why does everyone like it but me?

    Ok, one of the worst shows in History! Me and my freinds all hate this show. The acting, its bad! Matt sounds like he drank 66 cans and 37 bottles of beer! Even Jason Griffith sounds better than Matt! And Jackie sounds like she was beaten up by some local gang. And the storyline, oh god its bad. The Hacker makes a big weapon, the Cybersqaud comes and defeats him. ITS REPEATIVE! The only good thing in the show are the Colors, and has some Action and adventure, but still is a dumb show. I mean i know its aimed at 3-7 year olds, but i hate this show. a 1.3/10 for atleast good animation, and action/adventure. Nothing else. Thank You.
  • Never liked it as a kid.

    As a little kid, I'd sometimes just sit down and watch it because I was too bored to even change the dang channel. I still think this show isn't that great and isn't that educational. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
  • Meet the CyberSquad!

    In the world of Cyberchase, a classic good-versus-evil battle rages! The dastardly villain Hacker is on a mad mission to take over Cyberspace. The heroes are three curious kids determined to stop him. Their weapon: brain power.

    Each episode takes the heroes on a thrilling adventure driven by a different concept – from tackling time in ancient Egyptian tombs to cracking codes in creepy caves. Kids readily learn that math is everywhere and fun to use! And even more exciting for teachers, each episode is tied to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards – so it can be used to supplement a core curriculum!

    Each episode wraps up with a live-action segment called For Real. Here, Harry and Bianca show kids how math can help solve life’s wacky problems in the real world.

    The TV episodes and related Web and print activities help kids explore their world – and have a blast with math in their homes, neighborhoods, classrooms, or afterschool programs!

    I can see why people like this show, I still don't understand it though. The show's animation is very colorful and interesting (this is one of the only reasons why I watch the show).
  • This show is decent

    There are few things that are innoying. It seems like buzz and delete arent very loyal henchman. Digit always seems to have just what they need. Hacker has never won. Th ey need to let him win once. The creators of the show should let him have that henchman he keeps trying to bring to life
  • An engaging show

    A trio of kids and a wacky bird track down the Hacker and his lackeys who look for ways of causing harm and trouble. A show about problem solving and proves that you don't have to be a genius or gifted in order to defeat bad guys and restore order. It teaches practicality, resourcefulness and how to do with little. Although I think this show was great I didn't think the graphics were that good.
  • this show is about 3 kids sucked into cyberchase who have do do motherboards bidding while she still has a virus and needs a new incriptor chip. their main problem is hacker, he and his side kicks buzz and delete always manage to stir up trouble.

    right now im 15 almost 16, i love this show and i really enjoy all pbs shows.. in my grade there are still some kids without cable so when we come home it is all that is on and we fell in love with it, jackie is deffinatly my favorite because she is always so over dramatic and is a total drama queen. but the best parts about the show is how they use mathmatical skills to get out of sticky situations. your teachers always say that you will use math in your life every day and these kids are living off it. many of the things they talk about are things we still review in grade 10! also some of my favorite things are the great people they pull in to do voices tony hawk as sliders dad and al roker as Sam Vander Rom are always fun to figure out.
  • About 3 children and others solving problems with math (um. . .problem solving).

    I think that cyberchase it good for all ages. I am like 15 years old and I enjoy watching it. It helps with math and is a good refresher for all to when they don't remember to do their math (A/N: -raises hand- Guilty!). Acc. Geometry is pretty hard but I've seen some of the stuff that we learned on Cyberchase and got more insight from it. I believe that the story line with it is good to so it's not so boring. . .I mean math is boring but this makes it alot more. . .um. . .interesting. Cyberchase is a really good show to let your kids watch. . .my little sister is 2 1/2 months old and she sits there and watches it.
  • I like this show.

    I like Cyberchase. I think Buzz & Delete are funny. I really like the Earth kids. My favorite episode is "Of All the Luck", where Hacker has to find the 7 lucky charms & the kids have to stop him from getting lucky. I also like the show "A Time to Cook." Hacker & Buzz are one team & Didgit & Matt are the other team. they have to cook things in extreme conditions & they have a time limit. Whoever's food is the tastiest wins.
  • A good show...

    This used to be one of my favorite shows a few years ago. Although I am now way above the age level, I still enjoy it - although I rarely watch it nowadays... It's a good show - it actually teaches people something, a thing which most of the PBS Kids shows fail to do, the plots and the characters are entertaining and cleverly planned, and it is the only show on PBS Kids I can stand ( the other shows really suck... ) . Anyway, I highly recommend it for people that actually fall under the age level ...
  • very educational and fun for all ages

    I'm 15, and when I have nothing to do on a weekday afternoon, I watch Cyberchase. I think it is good for all ages. It has interesting plots and twists and turns. It is quite educational and can teach anybody about anything. They usually feature math and sciencey stuff, they should feature more on different subjects. My favorite episode is the one I have watched most recently the Snelfu Snafu. It is the one where the encoder chip is put up for auction and Mootherboard could be destroyed. It was an interesting twist to see that Hacker was the one inside the chip that the gang bought, not Motherboard. Overall, Cyberchase is an excellent show for all ages.
  • A team of three Earth kids -- Jackie, Matt and Inez, along with their cyberbird pal Digit (Gilbert Gottfried), team up to thwart the dastdarly doings of the villainous Hacker (Christopher Lloyd).

    Great stories can take the characters anywhere the writers imagine. The villian and his bumbling henchmen are hilarious. And the recurring characters add new dimensions to the show: Shari Spotter the student sorcerer, Slider the skateboard wiz, Wicked Witch and more. Guest voices include everyone from Tony Hawk and Jasmine Guy to Bebe Neuwirth.
    This show is more than just a fun adventure in a crazy virtual world. Go online and you'll find one of the most exciting Web sites associated with any cartoon. Games change daily with each episode, there's a schedule that's customized for local viewing, backstory, the Cyberchase Club, and an immersive Web game called the Quest.
    Of course Cyberchase is also about math. And the parents and teachers Web site is packed with creative ways to use Cyberchase to teach.
  • very influential

    Listening to the not-exactly-easy-on-the-ears voice of star Gilbert Gottfried first thing in the morning may not be what you'd want with your latte, but it's worth the sacrifice. Now in its fifth season, Cyberchase provides a dose of good-for-you TV without kids even realizing it — they're so wrapped up in kid-oriented outer-space drama they don't even register they start askijng questions and wanting to learn more abnout things like that, such as space and science. it's really influential for kids and i'd love to see my kids watching it. it's one of their first dramas and i think it opens them up into a world of excitment and drama shows
  • My favorite show as a first grader

    I remember watching this when I was 7.It is aimed at a younger audience so don't expect for it to be a masterpiece,but it's a really cute show.Great educational cartoon for young children.
  • Cyberchase, motherboard, the hacker, and learning!

    This show is about three kids and a bird with many crazy "cyber" creatures, which try to get rid of this virus from motherboard so cyberspace can run properly. This has a nice plotline and is accurate with computer talk and such. It’s one of my guilty pleasures because I like it, though... Harry gets annoying.
  • It's an educational show. I like because math is my favorite subject.

    I watched Cyberchase when I was about 11-12 years old. I love math, so that's why I like it. But there's more. It's funny and sweet. I wished I continue to watch it, but I love this other show, Hamtaro. Cyberchase is really great! It's a new world to be in. Right now I'm 14, and I'm trying to watch it back. I hope people watch it more, so they could be more smarter, like me! (just kidding!)
  • great i guess

    i like cyberchase

    Like Digimon (seasons 1 & 2), Cyberchase also had a character named Matt

    But the Digimon Matt grew up.
  • watch when I can

    When ever I am not working. I watch this enjoy the cyberchase
  • To be honest, I did watched this show in middle school.

    In my opinion, this is a very great show for kids. There's a lot to learn and they go step by step. It makes math fun and interesting for kids. The art for this show is very wacky and kinda colorful. Kids should also recognize the differences between good and evil too (Hacker, being the bad guy). If I was still young, I'd probably watch this every time this comes up. In elementry, I used to have a hard time in math. If this show was on back then, I'd probably be able to learn a lot from this show.
  • Aww, it's cute.

    Like I said, it's a pretty cute show. I don't watch it much anymore but my little sister adores it. The characters are cute, maybe a little goody-goody, but still cute (I'll admit that I really liked Diget when I was younger). Also, I think it's actually helped my sister get better in math. OK, maybe it's not the best cartoon out there but I like it OK, so that's why I am giving it a 7.5. Too bad that it might be getting canceled soon *sobs quietly* I think they should keep it around for at least a few more years. *sigh* Oh well.
  • Cyberchase was a show I watched every morning before school on CBC. They replaced it with the Doodle Bops. I really miss the show and want it to come back on CBC. AH if only I had cable.

    This show is a very creative method for teaching young children about math although I am older and learning different math skills it helped me think outside the box when it came to patterns and math subjects. Interesting plots and silly stories make math fun. Some people watch the show and don't realize how much math is placed into it. Over a period of time you notice how much better your marks are and feel more confident. Cyberchase is an easy way to grasp the subject in many ways. Not only you laugh you learn and realize how it is an important factor in our lives.
  • It is an interesting adventure with three kids named Matt, Inez, and Jackie and a cyber-boid named Digit. Together they use their mathematical reasoning to conquer and help motherboard. There's a cyborg named Hacker who wears wig gel and wants to rule the

    The adventure the three kids and the cyberboid is a very funny and wonderful type of an adventure. If they put their minds to it they will accomplish and beat Hacker. If you called Hacker just "Hacker" then he'll get mad at you and tell you to called him "The Hacker". LoL.
  • It teaches math...the fun way.

    This has to be the best show on PBS kids! It's funny, cool, and educational. Who knew educational television could be actually fun to watch? The idea is completly original. It has three kids on adventures to heal a computer named Motherboard and to stop a villian named The Hacker. The animation is cool and the plot is really amazing. It's a big help with math and sometimes it even teaches science. It's a really loveable show. Who doesn't love it? The theme song is so catchy and it gets better every season. If you need help in math, then watch Cyberchase.
  • My favorite show on PBS Kids!

    Out Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, Arthur, and Wordgirl being the best shows on PBS Kids, this is my childhood. It's about three Earthlies (Matt, Jackie, and Inez) who, along with their bird pal, Digit, protect cyberspace from the evil Hacker. And this when they math FUN. Unlike Dora the Explorer, There is hardly any annoying songs, and the Earthlies NEVER break the fourth wall. It is a very funny show, the For Reals are amusing, and the theme song is very catchy. There is one major downside of this show: the stupid Flash animation. Other than that, this is an excellent educational show. Therefore, my grade for Cyberchase: 10 out of 10!
  • This is a really fun show to watch you can see it on PBS at 4:30 on weekdays. You will love this show once you have watched it. Right now I record Cyberchase everyday the first time I watched it I loved it. My ratings for this show is 100% .

    You should watch this show if anyone who is interested. This show is about three kids named Matt,Jackie,Inez and their trying to stop someone called the Hacker and Hacker is the bad guy. Their is a computer called Motherboard she is the good guy and don't forget digit. The kids and digit work for motherboard and their in space called cyberspace. And their and planets called cybersites one of the names are Castleblanka for example. And buzz and delete work for The Hacker. Hacker like to call buzz and delete dumbspuckets. Tune in you won't regret it.
  • This show got me good at math.

    This show is educational & funny at the same time. Cyberchase is about a villian named Hacker who is trying to destry Motherboard & take over Cyberspace. Motherboard then seeks the help of 3 earth children: Matt, Jackie, & Inez. They use math power to stop Hackers evil plans. This is a good show. I just hope they beat Hacker soon.
  • This show gets better every season with new characters, funny plots lines, and the unexpected around every computer chip.

    Funny...interesting....what every show needs. Cyberchase is a math-based program, and is the first hero/villain show on PBS. The majority of people think this show \'sucks\' for this reason, but I think it\'s fabulous! Where else can you find a show like this? Based in Cyberspace, Cyberchase has been nominated for at least 1 Emmy, and I agree with that nomination!
  • Hey I Like This Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The adventure the three kids and the cyberboid is a very funny and wonderful type of an adventure. If they put their minds to it they will accomplish and beat Hacker. If you called Hacker just \"Hacker\" then he\'ll get mad at you and tell you to called him \"The Hacker\". Oh Boy, Maybe Matt Can Tall Jokes.
  • It was a great educational show before it moved to *Gulp* flash animation.

    Like I said already,PBS Kids is failing to go back to his basics by showing terrible educational shows like Sid the Science Kid and The Cat and The Hat Knows a Lot About That,however,it's great shows like Arthur,Fetch! With Ruff Ruff Man and this show are saving it's life. Cyberchase is about three kids named Matt,Jackie and Inez who defend the world of cyberspace from the evil doing math. It may sound like a terrible idea by the minute you hear about it,but it ends up being a great educational show. First off,there is no "asking the audience questions" thing that they do in almost every educational show. These kids actually do 100% of the work themselves. They even added a little humor to the show,and most of it comes from Hacker or Digit. They are even voiced by Christopher Lloyd and Gilbert Godfried,which explains the humor. And the education doesn't lack. It actually teaches kids what they need to hear. Some of the lessons include tessalations,measuring,and many more. It was great,until it moved to flash animation,which screwed everything up. Seriously,everybody moves wayyy too slow in flash animation. It's just as bad as Caillou in flash animation. I also hate the Cyberchase for real sketches. What's the point of them? They just waste time and are extremely boring. They are only there to teach kids more about the lesson of the episode,but they just suck. Overall,this was a great educational show,but it went downhill very fast. However,it's a lot better than a lot of PBS kids show these days.
  • Ok, maybe it's for 6-year-olds, but...

    Cyberchase-we're-movin'-we're-beatin-Hacker-at-his-game.... Anyway, besides the awesome and highly catchy theme song, Cyberchase is a fun show to watch. It explains basic - 2nd through 4th grade - mathematical skills in the context of an interstellar war between good and Hacker. Yes, Hacker. Featuring well-developed characters, pretty good explanation of the mathematical concepts at hand, interesting plots (can anyone say Shari Spotter?), and, like most other shows on PBS, appreciable by a much larger audience than intended, Cyberchase is an appealing program. I don't watch it regularly anymore, but it's a great show if you want to watch kids doing math on advanced hand-held computers - and depending on your mathmatical prowess, it might teach you something, too. C-Y-B-E-R-CHASE!
  • The show of Cyberchase is like a new way to teach kids the exciting world of Math, without sleeping while your teacher is talking.

    The show of Cyberchase is like a new way to teach kids the exciting world of Math, without sleeping while your teacher is talking. I've been watching Cyberchase ever since it was released. It maybe a bit too young for me, but it's facinating just watching the adventures happening. It's suspensful, educational, and definatly exciting. Just writing fanfictions relating to these adventures makes me enjoy my writing and watching the television show more. Ever since that, I've been a B average student on Math. ^^;
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