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  • this show is about 3 kids sucked into cyberchase who have do do motherboards bidding while she still has a virus and needs a new incriptor chip. their main problem is hacker, he and his side kicks buzz and delete always manage to stir up trouble.

    right now im 15 almost 16, i love this show and i really enjoy all pbs shows.. in my grade there are still some kids without cable so when we come home it is all that is on and we fell in love with it, jackie is deffinatly my favorite because she is always so over dramatic and is a total drama queen. but the best parts about the show is how they use mathmatical skills to get out of sticky situations. your teachers always say that you will use math in your life every day and these kids are living off it. many of the things they talk about are things we still review in grade 10! also some of my favorite things are the great people they pull in to do voices tony hawk as sliders dad and al roker as Sam Vander Rom are always fun to figure out.