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  • It was a great educational show before it moved to *Gulp* flash animation.

    Like I said already,PBS Kids is failing to go back to his basics by showing terrible educational shows like Sid the Science Kid and The Cat and The Hat Knows a Lot About That,however,it's great shows like Arthur,Fetch! With Ruff Ruff Man and this show are saving it's life. Cyberchase is about three kids named Matt,Jackie and Inez who defend the world of cyberspace from the evil doing math. It may sound like a terrible idea by the minute you hear about it,but it ends up being a great educational show. First off,there is no "asking the audience questions" thing that they do in almost every educational show. These kids actually do 100% of the work themselves. They even added a little humor to the show,and most of it comes from Hacker or Digit. They are even voiced by Christopher Lloyd and Gilbert Godfried,which explains the humor. And the education doesn't lack. It actually teaches kids what they need to hear. Some of the lessons include tessalations,measuring,and many more. It was great,until it moved to flash animation,which screwed everything up. Seriously,everybody moves wayyy too slow in flash animation. It's just as bad as Caillou in flash animation. I also hate the Cyberchase for real sketches. What's the point of them? They just waste time and are extremely boring. They are only there to teach kids more about the lesson of the episode,but they just suck. Overall,this was a great educational show,but it went downhill very fast. However,it's a lot better than a lot of PBS kids show these days.
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