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  • Meet the CyberSquad!

    In the world of Cyberchase, a classic good-versus-evil battle rages! The dastardly villain Hacker is on a mad mission to take over Cyberspace. The heroes are three curious kids determined to stop him. Their weapon: brain power.

    Each episode takes the heroes on a thrilling adventure driven by a different concept – from tackling time in ancient Egyptian tombs to cracking codes in creepy caves. Kids readily learn that math is everywhere and fun to use! And even more exciting for teachers, each episode is tied to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards – so it can be used to supplement a core curriculum!

    Each episode wraps up with a live-action segment called For Real. Here, Harry and Bianca show kids how math can help solve life’s wacky problems in the real world.

    The TV episodes and related Web and print activities help kids explore their world – and have a blast with math in their homes, neighborhoods, classrooms, or afterschool programs!

    I can see why people like this show, I still don't understand it though. The show's animation is very colorful and interesting (this is one of the only reasons why I watch the show).