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Episode Guide

  • Out of Sync
    Episode 26
    The Hacker kidnaps the Beast from a Rock Band on the Mount Olympus Cybersite. Without the Beast, the band plays horribly and off beat and if they don't play good music, then the whole Cybersite will fall apart! Digit has to find the Beast while the kids take notes on what beat each member of the band plays. For Real:
    Harry joins a tap dance class and tries to play well with a crush on the instructor.moreless
  • 2/8/02
    Hacker talks the kids into entering a contest to find rare glowing butterflies called "Gleamers" to start the Grim Wreaker. If they win, their prize is the Encryptor Chip. Can the Cybersquads catch all the Gleamers in time?
  • Send in the Clones
    Episode 19
    Clones of Delete surround R-Fair City whenever he sneezes, so the kids and Lucky try to count how many are there.
  • Less Than Zero
    Episode 21
    The kids uses integers to see which floor of a building has Buzz and Delete,who are holding the Cybercouncil hostage. They learns about negative numbers.
  • Of All the Luck
    Episode 12
    The Hacker has found 9 out of ten of the good luck charms. The kids and Digit have to free the Charms and stop Hacker from getting the last charm or he'll be lucky forever. For Real: Bianca must order a pizza she can share with her friends, but no two of them like all the same toppings and none is willing to have her share of the pizza touch any topping she doesn't like.moreless
  • 2/13/02
    The Cybersquad gets stuck, in a site known as Shangri-La. They must win a contest with Hacker, which involves problem solving, to leave. Can they do it?
  • The Secrets of Symmetria
    Hacker steals the Symmetrizer to destroy Symmetria and cause havoc on other cybersites. But the kids trick him into thinking he'll find Dr. Marbles there.
  • A Day at the Spa
    Episode 11
    Hacker finds the Crystal of Kalamoor in order to be invincible. When Inez and Digit invite him goes to a spa, Matt and Jackie visit the Northern Frontier to give the crystal to Motherboard. But, Buzz and Delete catch them and through them in the dungeon. They must find the box of keys and use combinations to find the right key to get themselves out.moreless
  • R-Fair City
    Episode 3
    Digit is tricked by Hacker by getting an invitation and got captured. The kids must find and rescue him.
    For Real: Bianca can't decide between a new dinosaur movie and one starring her favorite movie star, Giovanni, so she purports to flip a coin. But she's not sure that's a completely fair way to make up her mind--does a flipped coin really have a 50/50 chance of coming up "heads"?moreless
  • Lost My Marbles
    Episode 1
    An evildoer named Hacker kidnaps Dr. Marbles to a remote island and downloads a virus into Motherboard, so three kids from the real world called Inez, Matt, and Jackie must find Dr. Marbles.
  • 2/12/02
    The kids use line graphs to find out why the water from Sensible Flats is missing. Can they find out who's responsible for it?
  • 1/31/02
    The Incryptor Chip has fallen into a pyramid in the desert and Dr. Marbles was getting it, until he was imprisoned be a mummy. The kids were called upon by Motherboard to go in and get Marbles and the chip. Unfortunately, they have to get out before the gate of the pyramid has closed, locking them in for eternity.moreless
  • Size Me Up
    Episode 24
    When the kids are stranded on a giant island,they must get out to stop Hacker from sending an e-mail to Motherboard that contains a virus. The Cybersquad faced many problems on the giant island.
  • Castleblanca
    Episode 2
    Hacker kidnaps Dr.Marbles once again to download his brain into his new robot henchman,Gigabyte.
  • Model Behavior
    Episode 22
    When Jackie, Matt, and Inez arrive in Happily-Ever-After the residents are preparing to celebrate the erection of their brand-new You-Cannot-Get-in-Here Skywall. They are unaware that Hacker, waiting just outside the Cybersite, has arranged to have the Skywall shattered by the high note in the Wicked Witches signature local solo. His agent inside has passed him a recording of her singing, and he's using it and a model of Happily-Ever-After to verify that his plan will work. Can they stop Hacker?moreless
  • 1/30/02
    Hacker goes to the happily ever after site and steals the town's king in order for a ransom of golden eggs.
  • 1/29/02
    Buzz and Delete steal power pods in Poddleville, making the town lose most of its power. What's worse is that, the poddles accidentally put Jackie and the gang in a prison. While there, they meet a triangle 1 podling who frees them so he and Jackie can guess the pattern for the lock on the vault before Hacker does, but there's only one way to stop them: By using number patterns.moreless
  • Codename: Icky
    Episode 16
    Hacker eavesdrops on the kids so he can find out where the Cyberslug from Aquari-Yum is, so he can use it to suck the energy from Motherboard. Can the Cybersquad stop Hacker by using codes?
  • Sensible Flats
    Episode 5
    Hacker goes to jail for going to Sensible Flats and taking more land than "Judge Trudy" allows. Surprisingly, the kids want to bail him exchange for Motherboard's antidote.
  • Trading Places
    Episode 20
    The kids crash land on a planet where they don't use money - they trade things. Buzz and Delete become smart for once and the Hacker get shrunk by the shrink ray. Can the Cybersquad finish the spaceship and get out of the Cybersite?
  • 1/24/02
    Hacker has frozen over Solaria by stealing the sunisphere that keeps the Cybersite in top condition. Will the kids stop Hacker in time to save Selaria?
  • 7/17/02
    The Kids & Digit goes to Hacker's Fortress Of Attitude to shut off a pesky message which annoys every Cybercitizen. Can the Cybersquad shut it off?
  • Cool It
    Episode 14
    Motherboard Cryoxide is replaced with green sludge by Buzz and Delete, making her sick. The kids must get more fresh cryoxide from Castleblanca. For Real:Bianca must give each of the twins she's babysitting a full 9-oz bottle of formula, but only one bottle is labeled by volume.
  • Zeus on the Loose
    Episode 6
    A cybersite is full of Greek mythology the kids have to go through to get a second chance from Zeus to get Pandora's Box from Hacker. For Real: Harry has his would-be girlfriend, Jennifer, coming over and he makes lemonade, only to have it lower in the glasses as more guests come over.moreless
  • A Battle of Equals
    Episode 25
    Hacker devises a evil plan which is to pollute cybersites with Cyberstatic and the kids must solve problems to stop it.
  • Eureeka
    Episode 13
    Hacker is going to destroy Archimedes and the Encryptor Chip. The kids use geometry to find Dr. Archimedes [and his house] so he can give Dr. Marbles the Encryptor chip.
  • Digit and Wicked Take the Stage
    Wicked must be stopped, before her singing performance on stage, because her voice will cause the sky's glass dome to shatter. By joining forces with the rest of the gang, a plan is devised to put a stop to Wicked's performance. By drowning out any possible notes with a firework extravaganza, they hope to save the dome from destruction.moreless
  • The Poddleville Case (Ep. 107)
    Patterns are sequences that repeat or change in an orderly way. You can use patterns to predict the next step in solving a problem.
  • Zeus on the Loose (Ep. 106)
    When you need to divide things up into parts and share them, fractions are the numbers to use.
  • EcoHaven CSE
    Episode 12
    Someone has stolen the legendary cyberbeast Choocroca from cybersite EcoHaven, and the only clue is the culprit's footprint. Using the principles of "body math," the CyberSquad has to sleuth out who took Choocroca and rescue the massive beast. The suspects are members of a safari team - one of them is secretly working for Hacker, who wants to capture the creature and use it to take over Cyberspace. The CyberSquad must use forensic science to build their case and find both the culprit and the critter before Hacker gets his way.moreless