Cyberchase - Season 2

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Episode Guide

  • The Wedding Scammer
    Episode 11
    It could be the most talked-about wedding in all of Cyberspace: Hacker and the Wicked Witch—claiming to be the long-lost daughter of a powerful king. The real Princess is trapped in a series of mazes. Can the Cybersquad save the real princess in time?
  • True Colors
    Episode 4
    Hacker becomes a good guy! Can this possibly be true? A new, reformed Hacker runs for election against Motherboard, claiming to have done five good deeds, and promising to turn over a new leaf. Can the kids find a counter example that proves Hacker is lying, or will he be elected the new ruler of Cyberspace?moreless
  • Totally Rad
    Episode 2
    After Hacker takes the crown from Radopolis King Dudicus, he challenges the kids to a skate-off. Can the kids win the skate-off and save Radopolis?
  • Mother's Day
    Episode 6
    It's Mother's Day the kids must deliver flowers called Madre Bonitas to Deci, a decimal lover. Can they do it?
  • 4/1/03
    With the help of Wicked, Hacker infects Motherboard with a new virus -- one that causes her to make cyber-citizens act mean. Digit and the kids go in search of an antidote: 2/5 of the Electro-Root, 2/8 of the Healing Stone, and 1/3 of a box of Hacker's wig gel -- a strange antidote indeed! Will the young cyber-heroes be able to gather the ingredients and figure out how to properly mix these odd fractions before it is too late?moreless
  • The Guilty Party
    Episode 12
    When Motherboard calls the Cybersquad, saying that Sleight O'Hand is the culprit of stealing Hacker's recharger key, the Cybersquad needs to figure out if it's true. Can they do find the recharger key in time before Hacker destroys Poodleville?
  • Raising the Bar
    Episode 10
    Hacker poses as a virus exterminator. He fools Ms. Fileshare into entering her lair, the Cybrary, with bogus bar graph comparisons. Hacker releases his bugs, but it's Hacker who pays the price with about of amnesia. (He's forced to work for Buzz!) But the bugs are still out in the Cybrary, seizing control of various sections. Ms. Fileshare insists the CyberSquad that, if she is to believe them, they must provide an easy way to compare the number of bugs in each Cybrary section. Can the Cybersquad prove that they're buygs in her Cybrary?moreless
  • Double Trouble
    Episode 9
    Buzz & Delete kidnap Master Pi, but the leader gets his revenge by doubling the treasure he gave them to too much to handle, while Digit & the kids try to get the Good Vibration from Hacker. Can they succeed?
  • Whale of a Tale
    Whale of a Tale
    Episode 8
    The kids are enjoying a day in R-Fair City, where Glowla, along with her giant whale partner, Spout, are performing. Suddenly, Spout starts rampaging through R-Fair, and Glowla is captured! No doubt it's all Hacker's doing. Can the Cybersquad save the city from Spout?
  • 4/3/03
    Motherboard mistakenly sends a treasure map to Hacker. The treasure is the secret to the legendary cyber-pirate Ivanka the Invincible's invincibility. If Hacker finds it, Cyberspace is doomed! To help Motherboard, the kids must find the secret treasure before Hacker does, and use their skill with angles to read the strange map that contains only riddles about twists and turns, and where's Digit?moreless
  • Hugs & Witches
    Hugs & Witches
    Episode 1
    It's Valentine's Day, and Hacker captures Doctor Marbles and Lady Ada Lovelace, placing them inside a time machine invented by the mathematically-minded Lady Ada. The kids and Digit must decipher a series of poems left behind by Lady L, and free them from the time machine before it time travels to the nether regions of cyberspace never to return! Will the kids get there in time to save Docter Marble and Lady L., or will Valentine's Day bring nothing but broken hearts?moreless
  • The Eye of Rom
    Episode 7
    Binky must get help from Digit & the kids to get back the Eye Of Rom from Hacker's icky hands before the Mummy wakes up in exchange to tell the gang where the Encryptor Chip. Can they do it? For real: Bianca dreams a bad guy created a device that destroys all video games. She goes on a mission for that. But there are two obstacles. Laser beams and cracks because they contain secret switches that set off the alarm.moreless
  • Trick or Treat
    Episode 14
    Hacker, claiming to be born again, visits Motherboard on Halloween begging a full pardon. He brings a mechanical frog to the Motherboard's garden. What no one yet suspects is that this frog is intended to hop over to Motherboard's CPU and destroy it. Can the Cybersquad stop the mechanical frog?
  • A Time to Cook
    Episode 13
    Hacker works on a plan to destroy Motherboard, but Buzz and Delete screw it up. So Hacker has to get another one. He goes on this cooking show to win the golden cyberchef award but when the chef doesn't show up, the Cybersquad has to represent the chef. Can the kids and Digit stop him?moreless