Cyberchase - Season 5

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Episode Guide

  • The Halloween Howl
    Episode 1

    It's Halloween in Castleblanca -- night of the big party, the Halloween Howl. Hacker has taken over the Mayor's Castle for a candlelight dinner with Erica Ram, all designed to make Wicked jealous. But the Mayor returns and wants Hacker out! Hacker brings the castle's stone gargoyles to life, capturing the Mayor and imprisoning him in the dungeon. The kids and Digit must master division to rescue the Mayor, deal with the gargoyles, and save The Halloween Howl! But how can the Cybersquad save the Halloween party when Jackie and Inez are quibbling about what Inez wrote in her diary?

  • A Clean Sweep
    Episode 2
    When Hacker schemes to take over Radopolis by dumping magnetite confetti everywhere, the kids and Digit must invent a giant "confetti cleaner" in order to foil his dastardly plot. Can they clean up all that magnitite?
  • 11/25/06
    Wicked asked Wanda to find a frog but she accidentally caught Digit instead. Wicked turned Digit into Mr. Perfect. The kids must design an invention that can both get them across a perilous swamp and up a tall cliff in order to rescue Digit, who's been turned into Wicked's "Mr. Perfect" - and kidnapped by Hacker!moreless
  • EcoHaven Ooze
    Episode 4
    Hacker is collecting all the ooze that keeps the animals in EcoHaven healthy. The CyberSquad must build a "Trojan Ducky" in order to sneak past Hacker and save EcoHaven, but first has to make a model of their invention to figure out how to get it to waddle.
  • 11/30/06
    Delete was having A bad day so his father borg father appears. When Matt becomes trapped in a dangerous chasm along with Delete’s Fairy Borg Father Zanko, Jackie and Inez must refine and optimize Delete’s ingenious – but imperfect – “bunny-copter” invention in order to rescue them!
  • 4/16/07
    When Hacker strands Jackie atop Mount Wayupthere, the rest of the Cybersquad has to act fast to save her. In their search for the elusive Diamond Joe - the mysterious figure who holds the secret to Jackie's release - the CyberSquad meets TW, a young Parallini who agrees to help them. Can they discover the power of parallelograms in time to launch a daring rescue mission?moreless
  • Crystal Clear
    Episode 7
    When Digit’s systems go wonky, Motherboard sends him to the caves that house the Synchronizer, the beautiful crystal that keeps all borgs correctly timed. The Cybersquad must find Digit's Syncrometer. Can the Cybersquad do it befor Digit really gets wonky?
  • Inside Hacker
    Episode 8
    It’s the CyberSquad’s most ingenious plan ever – and most dangerous! If they can insert a new memory chip into Hacker’s H-Drive, they can turn him from evil to good. Once he's been shrunk and is inside Hacker, Matt’s mission goes like clockwork until a force field is activated and envelops the H-Drive. All seems lost until Digit remembers a robot that Dr Marbles made that can break through any force field. They can shrink it down and send it in to help Matt...but must first figure out how to make it follow their commands. Can Inez, Jackie and Digit program the robot in time?moreless
  • On The Line
    Episode 9
    When Digit heads off alone to dispose of the powerful Network Interface Card (NIC), calamity strikes. A sinister cyvulture steals the NIC right out from under Digit’s beak and gives it to Hacker! At a secret location on the Northern Frontier, Hacker uses the NIC to power up his dastardly Transformatron and transforms himself so he can slip into Control Central and replace Motherboard. To find the Transformatron and reverse its power, the CyberSquad must discover how an object can be pinpointed using two straight lines - before Hacker takes over Cyberspace forever!moreless
  • 9/3/07

    When Wicked "accidentally" traps Matt, Jackie and Inez get stuck in the vortex of a cyberportal, it's up to Digit and Wicked to find the Universal Vortex Opener (U.V.O.) to get them out. Meanwhile, Hacker is trying to win Wicked's affection back with help from a special mirror that Wicked gave him.