Season 3 Episode 11

Shari Spotter and the Cosmic Crumpets

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Oct 28, 2004 on PBS Kids

Episode Recap

Hacker is wanting to go to Frogsnorts ceremony, but he then gets rejected. He is looking for another sorcery ceremony and finds one at Hex University.

Meanwhile, at Frogsnorts, the headmaster, Professor Stumblesnore, asks Shari Spotter to mind Cosmic Crumpets for the annual Cosmic Crumpets Ceremony. She does mind them but is not careful enough and burns them. She seeks in making a new batch where she looks up the recipe at the Cybrary, where she meets Matt who wants to help. The recipe is only for four crumpets and she needs eight crumpets. They double the recipe, which is all fractions and go back to frogsnorts. They think they have all the ingredients which are Dragon Drool, Cacklefruit and Goblin Toe Nails.

But to their surprise, they find there is no Dragon Drool. They manage to get enough Dragon Drool from a baby dragon named Danforth but when they get enough Dragon Drool, Danforth and his dastartly mother wake up and chase them.

Meanwhile in the Grim Wreaker, Hacker wants to get in the Cosmic Crumpets Ceremony. Theres only one problem. If he does want to get in the ceremony, he'll have to pass a test. Which is given by his instructor, Wicked.

Back at Frogsnorts, The kids, including Shari and a friend of her, Dodie, ,make the crumpets without burning them this time.

In the grim wreaker, Hacker finds out he failed on his test. He worries about his extra credit and Wicked says she added that or he would fail even more. He says he will do anything and then Wicked says yes.

Back at Frogsnorts, the kids realize Professor Stumblesnore was expecting Shari would burn the first batch and allows them to attend the Cosmic Crumpets Ceremony.

At Hex University, Hacker replaces with a master sorcerer to be in the Cosmic Crumpets Ceremony. Meanwhile, the kids see Stumblesnore checking how well eight master sorcerers are at magic but doesn't realize Hacker is one of the Master sorcerers. But then all the master sorcerers take off their hoods and the kids realize one of them is Hacker. Matt says they have to stop the ceremony but Shari says no talking is allowed.

The master sorcerers cast a spell to make them more powerful but Buzz, Delete and Wicket use a machines mirrors to get Hacker to suck up all the power. The plan succeeds but the kids use left over crumpet pieces to reverse the spell.

The Hacker has been defeated, like always.