Season 5 Episode 6

The Flying Parallinis

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Apr 16, 2007 on PBS Kids

Episode Recap

On the Northern Frontier, the cybersquad is running to a portal, with Hacker chasing them. Most of them make it through but Jackie gets kidnapped by Hacker! Jackie is taken to a mountain named Mount Wayupthere and begs for Hacker to let him go. Meanwhile, at Control Central,the Hacker calls and will let Jackie go in exchange for the Network Interface Card.
The kids and Digit go to Poddleville, searching for Diamond Joe, who holds the secret to Jackie's escape. None of the poddles know Diamond Joe. But then the Cybersquad meets a young and Parallini named TW (Teeny Weeny for short),who takes them to the cybersite Parrelelloland. Meanwhile at Mount Wayupthere, Jackie thinks of a plan to escape. She thinks good ones but none of them work. She takes the cybersquad to a site named Parrelleloland, which houses parralinis Other Parallinis in TW's family meet the kids and the CyberSquad learns about parrallelograms. They learn although some are squares and some are rectangles, they are all in the same family. But Digit then does something not allowed in paralleloland. He tilts a square ,not knowing that there is no sitting,tilting or leaning. TW's mother shows up banning the kids from the cybersite.
TW still wants to help the Cybersquad, determined to save Jackie. She unknowingly tilts and leans, unseen. She then shows up to the cybersquad, telling them she wants to help find Diamond Joe.
At Hackers, Buzz and Delete find their Transformatron dusty and dust it off, interrupted for Jackie to call for company. Back at Parrelleloland the kids and TW find Diamond Joes land and cross a rickety bridge, only to find it a trap.
Buzz and Delete come to Mount Wayupthere, only having to remind them Jackie wanted COMPANY.
Meanwhile, back at Parrelleloland, the kids and TW are still in the trap when they are suddenly lifted, just to find Diamond Joe in person. But he tells them he no longer helps people. TW does not think that is fair, and argues with him. But later Diamond Joe tells a story. Thats before Parallinis could sit,tilt and lean and that they were called the Flying Parallinis. They could travel cybersite to cybersite performing their tricks. Then, when they were practicing at Mount Wayupthere at the Northern Frontier, they accidentally use their talent to help Hacker on their quest to take over Cyberspace. They then after a little while they manage to get Diamond Joe to get the flying parallinis to fly again in the name of good.
At Mount wayupthere, Hacker brings things to keep Jackie busy, but Jackie doesnt like any of them because they were by Hacker.
Back at Paralleloland, Diamond Joe claims that the Flying Parallinis have to fly again to keep Hacker from creating more chaos. But the parallinis mother says they promised they would never tilt,sit or lean again but TW tilts and says they have to but her mom refuses on her. Matt, Inez and Digit tell about what happens if Hacker gets the NIC. And the parallinis mother finally believes in them.
At Mount Wayupthere, Delete and Buzz see what looks like a circus and TW asks the Hacker if he wants to see them perform. Hacker says no, but Jackie, Buzz and Delete want to see them perform and Hacker lets them perform. With the help of streching and tilting, the kids and the parallinis help Jackie escape. Hacker orders Buzz and Delete to take Jackie to a secret place where Jackie will never be found again but they find out the parallinis and the kids helped Jackie escape. Hacker orders Buzz and Delete to get to the Grim Wreaker but its bad luck for him because Digit cuts the ladder and they cant get to the Wreaker.
Back at parrelelloland, TW cellebrates with the parrallinis and the kids because now the parallinis can sit, tilt and lean again.