Season 2 Episode 2

Totally Rad

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Mar 31, 2003 on PBS Kids

Episode Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Hacker takes over another cybersite. This time,it's Radopolis,a cybersite dedicated to extreme sports...and to top it all off he declares himself the King! In an effort to "declarate" the cybersite's independence, our heroes, the Cyber Squads, challenge Hacker's extreme team to a winner-take-all skate-off. Matt=Skateboard Jackie:Mountain Bike Inez:Scooter But there's just one catch: high-scoring tricks need as much area as possible and the field keeps mysteriously changing! With Digit LeBoid,voiced greatfully as always by Gilbert Gottfried as the CyberSquad's coach, the kids put on a dazzling display of scooting, boarding, and biking, but can they match their performance to the changing arena? Or we'll Hacker become the king of Radopolis?