Season 2 Episode 4

True Colors

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Apr 02, 2003 on PBS Kids

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  • Hacker is claiming to have changed, but has he really? He says he did 5 good deeds, and it seems as if he is really telling the truth, but Matt doesn't buy it. He knows Hacker is lying. He and the others find a way to find the truth!

    This is one of my fave eps! ^_^ I love the heat between Hacker and Matt, it's hilarious. I hope they have more of this in episodes, it would rock! Matt is my absolute favorite character, and I know Hacker hates each of the kids with a passion, but I think he hates Matt most of all, out of the 3 kids. Mainly because Matt's the one always getting snotty with him and dissing him. Like in, " Secrets of Symmetria", and in " Totally Rad", and now this ep. There's a lot more moments when Hacker and Matt cast a glare at eachother, and argue. I think it's funny. This ep was completely awesome. Matt knew Hacker was lying, and Digit, Inez, and Jackie weren't behind him all the way, but then they did in about the middle of the ep. It was a little freaky when Hacker " hugged" them at Mount Olympis. I would've got sick, lol. I knew from the start that a triangle CAN'T be made with ANY three rods. It's typical of Hacker to lie, and in the October eps, starting October 3-7, Hacker is going to try to have a change of heart again. Hopefully, the others won't fall for it.. Stay tuned for the October Eps!!