Season 6 Episode 2

When Penguins Fly

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Dec 12, 2007 on PBS Kids

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  • Fluff participates in a wide Penguia event for Starlight Night, but Hacker interferes with it causing misery

    I liked this episode. Yes, because it took place in Penguia, which is my fave site. Yes, Fluff was in it. But this was a highlight filled with cute penguins of penguia, actually flying! Yes it sounds like a dream to me, but it would sound more like a dream it Fluff sat in the throne of the Ice Palace, which you will see at the beginning and ending of the episode. And I like that I learned a new strategy, Population Sampling. When somethings too ,large to count, put them in sorts and estimate how many in each sort.
    This episode is very dreamy to me, and I wish PJ could actually meet the cybersquad. Fluff took part of it.