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Network Ten (ended 2002)


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A renegade cyber replicant human prototype 6000, Cybergirl, crash-lands on Earth to explore the humanity on which she is partly modelled.

She takes refuge with fourteen year old Jackson and his bemused father Hugh, who welcome into their family this young stranger with such astonishing powers.

Desperate to experience life in the glorious metropolis of River City, Cybergirl assumes a human identity as Jackson's cousin 'Ashley', and so begins her exploration of the challenges and excitement of life as a teenage girl.
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  • A renegade human prototype CYBERGIRL crash-lands on Earth to explore the humanity on which she is partly modeled. A real outsider teenager. But a Hero to be.

    Another Jon athan M Schiff Production (creator of "Ocean Girl", "Thunderstone", Pirate Islands", "H2O- Just add Water".

    The main thing about this show is that it is fun. If you expecting Buffy-style WB angst then this is not for you.

    The producers called it "hyper-reality" and it's about teenagers and feeling your way through life.

    Jonathan M. Shiff had been playing with the idea of a strong female character for a long time: “I believe it has been many years since young children had a female superhero – the last was probably WONDER WOMAN. The recent trend (2000/2001) for children, especially girls, to identify with characters like CHARLIE’S ANGELS indicates a strong desire for them to see themselves in the media as quite proactive, intelligent and strong, whilst still being emotionally sensitive”.moreless
  • CyberGirl is about a girl who has crash-landed onto earth. It's a wonderful childrens TV series.

    CyberGirl is a wonderful show for all kids and teens.

    The producer "Jonathan-m-Shiff" has done an amazing job at filming the series.

    CyberGirl first aired on Channel 10 in Australia. Although i was a little disappointed when the show had finished, i knew that the producer would make more shows that are as brilliant as CyberGirl.

    I would recommend this show to anyone who is into Sci-Fi and Action. It's really worth watching.moreless
  • New Season Started today
    A new season has finally started of cyber girl! I was not allowed to enter a new episode so I will talk bout it here. Rhys had jus...
  • hello
    I would like to know how to get the episodes of this tv show. I love shows like this and there arent many. How do I and can I purc...