Season 1 Episode 12

Episode 12

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 16, 2001 on Network Ten
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Episode 12
After a brave rescue on her holiday, Cybergirl must run from Isaac and Xanda, the press, but also Rhyss, who is doing everything in his power to meet her.

When alone in a room together, Rhyss tells Cybergirl of his plans, and requests Cybergirl's assistance in carrying them through...moreless

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      • Rhyss: At last, Cybergirl, just the two of us. Hospitals are such difficult places to get out of, aren't they. You've been having second thought's about my offer?
        Cybergirl: No way.
        Rhyss: You should, you know. You and I are bound to join forces sooner or later.
        Cybergirl: You and me?
        Rhyss: ...because, we are supirior beings. Equal to one another, but way above everyone else. With your cyber powers and my own genius, we could rule the world.
        Cybergirl: But, I don't want to rule the world.
        Rhyss: Change it, then. What is it now? Chaotic, untidy, disorganised. But you, you are such precision, you work and think like a perfectly tuned machine. Wouldn't you like to see an entire civilisation just as perfect?
        Cybergirl: If I was perfect I wouldn't be here. I'm being hunted down because I was a mistake! But, I like the way I am, and I want to live in River City, just the way it is.

      • (via mobile phone to helicopter headset)
        Rhyss: Greeting's, Cybergirl. It's Rhyss here, from Top Dog Interactive. Yes I thought this would be a good opportunity for us to get better aquainted.
        Cybergirl: I have nothing to say to you Rhyss.
        Rhyss: Well I disagree. You see I know what you are, I know what you can do, I know that you have enemies and I can help you defeat them.
        Cybergirl: I can look after myself, thanks all the same. Goodbye Rhyss.
        Rhyss: I suggest you take a look below you, Cybergirl. (she does; Rhyss is on the roof they are about to land on) As you can see, this building is totally under my control. Believe me, you won't be going anywhere unless I say so.

      • Rhyss: Out with it, McMurtire, I'm a busy man.
        McMurtrie: Right, well, um, an eye witness, several eye witnesses claim to have seen a strangly dressed hulk of a man rip the doors clean off a pizza delivery van and proceed to eat the entire contents in the twinkling of an eye.
        Rhyss: Really...
        McMurtrie: Given such a display of super-human capabilities I immediatly thought of the two offenders who gatecrashed the opening of the Cybergirl exhibit at the museum.
        Rhyss: Excellent deductive work McMurtrie. Now, I want you to call me the minute you get another sighting and, if they are the same offenders do not, I repeat do not approach them.
        McMurtrie: I assure you, Rhyss, my men and I are capable of seeing to any contingencies.
        Rhyss: Even two cyborgs from another planet?
        McMurtrie: What?!?
        Rhyss: Computerised beings with technological abilities far beyond your wildest dreams. You see, this is the one case where you and your men are gonna need all the help they can get. Specialised help, do you get me?
        McMurtrie: Err, absolutely...

      • Honey: Have fun darling!
        Kat: Bye Mum.
        Ashley: Thank you darling!
        Kat: Uh, you DON'T have to call people darling. That's just Mum, and it makes me want to throw up.

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