Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Aug 28, 2001 on Network Ten
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Episode 5
Romirez is given a blue metal sphere with strange writing on it by a local farmer. He assigns Hugh to find out more about it. Cybergirl knows more, however: it was part of her ship. If Xanda and Isaac get their hands on it, they can use it to locate her. Kat uses this situation to prove herself as trustworthy...moreless

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      • (Rhyss walks in and picks up the transducer)
        Romirez: Please, err, Mr. Rhyss, that's an antiquity, you really, err, must be a bit more careful.
        Rhyss: You're wrong about these engravings, Romirez, they're not hyroglyphs.
        Romirez: Well, that may be so, but I have to say something to excite the public. Don't worry, Mr. Rhyss, I'll have my best experts decyphering those...
        Rhyss: They're Mathematical symbols, which means I'm the man to decypher them.
        Rick: Err, Rhyss, do you want to say that one more time, down the barrel, for the viewers? (indicates television camera)
        Rhyss: Turn that on, you're out of a job.
        Rick: (to camera operator) Turn that off, right now.
        Rhyss: I'm taking this back to my office, Gergio...
        Romirez: But what about the special exhibit? All of the people, I can't just turn them away! Wait! It needs to be kept somewhere secure...
        Rhyss: Are you saying there's somewhere in River City more secure than Top Dog tower? (pause) Gentlemen, (imitates Rick) stay happy.

      • Kat: I am not sitting next to Mr. Romirez.
        Rick: Honey! (enters room with a green tie)
        Honey: Err, no, it will clash with the table linen. Kat, sweetheart, I hope you're going to wear something nice: a pretty dress, and maybe do something nice with your hair?
        Kat: Sure: how about a mohawk?
        (pause, then Honey laughs)
        Honey: You almost had me!
        Kat: What's on the menu?
        Honey: Well, I thought we'd start with a nice fruit base, and then move on to the salmon mousse, and...
        Kat: Wait a minute. Did you just say salmon? As in sea food? As in let's watch Kat throw up on everyone's lap?
        Honey: Oh, sweetheart, I'm sorry, I forgot. You're allergic!
        Kat: Doesn't matter. But I better sit next to you.
        Honey: Well darling, you know what, I've just had a better idea. Why don't you go down to that place where all your little friends hang out and get yourself a really nice burger and fries?

      • Xanda: I know she's somewhere in the city, hiding.
        Isaac: I suppose we just have to be patient.
        Xanda: That's right Isaac. Be patient. AND BE READY!!!
        Isaac: Xanda, sooner or later she'll make a mistake, even if she is a 6000, so until she does, I say, we just sit back, relax, and absorb some of the culture.
        Xanda: I'd rather decommission myself than have any of this pathetic civilization rub off on me...

      • Kat: So, let me get this straight. You crashed your own spaceship. Why?
        Ashley: It was the only way to escape.
        Kat: Escape what?
        Ashley: My life. Where I come from I was kept in complete isolation, locked in a laboratory.
        Kat: No wonder you wanted to escape...

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