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One sleepless night, as Lucas Amato, a biology teacher at Meridiana High School, was walking down the streets, he witnesses a big man vanish into the air. Lucas finds a capsule containing glowing green liquid where the man has disappeared, and takes it home. The next night in Lucas's apartment, a beauty appears through the window. Her name is "Cybersix". She persistently urges Lucas to return her the green liquid called "sustenance", and warns him that he will be in danger if he keeps it. But before she could finish her warning, a strange big man breaks into the apartment. ------------------------------ Runtime: USA:30 min (13 episodes) Country: Canada / Japan / USA Language: English / Japanese Color: Color Certification: USA:TV-Y7 ---------------------------------- Release dates Canada -- 1 October 1999 France -- 15 December 1999 USA -- 19 August 2000 Japan -- 16 October 2000 ---------------------------------- Animated version of Argentinian TV series "Cybersix" (1995) ---------------------------------- SERIES TRIVIA: In the original Cybersix comic book, Von Reichter and Jose were supposed to be Nazis. This is why Jose always marches around like a SS soldier. --------------------------------------- Production Companies * NOA * TMS * The Ocean Group Distributors * Fox Kids Network * TV Tokyo * Teletoon Other Companies * The Ocean Group dubbing --------------------------------------- Crew: Directed by Hiroyuki Aoyama Toshihiko Masuda Atsuko Tanaka Nabuo Tomizawa Kazuhide Tomonaga Writing credits (in alphabetical order) Catherine Girczyc writer Carlos Meglia story Carlos Trillo story Original Music by Robbi Finkel Art Direction by Kenji Hachizaki Sound Department Rusty Dunn .... sound designer Mark Ettel .... sound re-recording mixer (Dialog/Music/SFX Mixer) Joe Spivak .... sound designer Other crew Coral Egan .... singer Teiichi Takiguchi .... character designermoreless
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  • LOL this show!

    I only kinda remember this show! But i'm very sure it was awesome!

    I think it came out when i was like 8/9

    I'm verry sure she's a woman, but dresses like a man & words at a high school/college?

    And her brother is a panther b/c a crazy scientist put his mind/brain inside one...Just cuz

    IDK you guys! I do know I didn't like that guy..that was in lpve with Cybersix & also normal her's friend?

  • this show has an exciting story!

    idk why some people think this show is abmysal. it may not be anime, but it's really cool. cybersix was originallly an argentinian comic book. the animation series was produced in canada. cybersix is an awsome character. by day she's adrian seidleman. by night she's cybersix. she escaped from von ritcher. and she is the only cyber android left. and now she has to survive in the city defending herself from jose and his fathers' henchmen. it also has romance in it too. lucas is her collegue during the day. but he doesn't know that cybersix and adrian are the same person(or android for that matter). it is a really good series but they have to cancel it after 13 episodes :(moreless
  • Wouldn't we be better off knowing that everything turned out ok, or would it be the absolute death of the show?

    Cybersix came into our lives with joy and out with a bang - literally. The show made us feel angry, frustrated, happy, and even ecstatic at times. Is it really better to leave it how it is? Not knowing whether or not our famed Cybersix and Data 7 are even alive? To some extent, perhaps, but I think it'd be nice for some better closure than what we recieved at the finale. Now now, don't jump to any conclusions, I'm a fan of the show and would like to see it brought back, but we have to be logical here. Do we really want to stretch out the show for a near meaningless 10 episodes? The first few could be used to answer our most dire questions but after that, what should happen?

    They could, of course, bring Jose back into the mix and have him badder than ever, posing a threat yet again to Meridiana. They could even have some other Cyber that lived to come and try to destroy the city. The possibilities are quite extensive, but they can't blindly grab at a possible idea for a second season and go with it - it should be thoughtful, exhilerating, and planned.

    Bring on another season!moreless
  • And just when I was trying to get out of my cartoon-loving stage...they bring in Cybersix!!

    Omg...if I could own Cybersix on dvd :)...this show is not like any other cartoon show i watch (cartaholic speaking) I love cartoons soooooooo f-in much...people might think it's pathetic...but oh well!!!!! Cybersix is an awesome show...and I recall it being on Teletoon longg longggggg time ago...but then they took it off and now they put it back on (thank god) anyways I love this show and I encourage you people to watch it...because it's an awesome show...moreless
  • Cyber-29 had died but Von Reichter managed to transfer the child's brain into a panther to be reborn as Data 7.Cybersix was the only ture Cyber to survive the massacre.she now battles her evil creator and his minions.moreless

    Dr. Von Reichter is a member of the SS and the Nazi party, and an expert in genetic engineering. He originally began his work in concentration camps during World War II, implanting cybernetic organs in the bodies of dead prisoners in an attempt to bring life to them so that they might serve in the Furher's army. However, the Allied forces intervened to defeat the Nazis, so he fled to South America where he once again continued his sinister experiments.

    From one of these emerged the Cyber Series — artificial humanoids possessing superhuman strength and agility. But something was amiss: the Cybers, engineered to be the perfect servant, turned out to mimic human emotions too closely, displaying free will of their own. When they began disobeying their creator, Von Reichter ordered all of the Cyber series to be destroyed. By this time, Cyber-29 had already died in a playtime accident when he fell from a cliff, but Von Reichter managed to transfer the dead child's brain into the body of a panther to be reborn as Data 7. Thus Cybersix was the only true Cyber to survive the massacre, escaping with the help of a black slave who hid her away at a fishing village. When the slave was interrogated and killed by Von Reichter later on, Cybersix escaped once again and made her way to Meridiana, where she now battles her evil creator and his minions.moreless
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