Season 2 Episode 16

A Who's Who for What's His Name

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 18, 1996 on CBS

Episode Recap

Cybill decides to fire her agent Arthur, so she can get better jobs. She brings Maryann along to soften the blow. But just after Cybill fires Arthur, he dies behind Cybill and Maryann, who are toasting to "new beginnings." Cybill offers her sympathies to Evelyn, Arthur's widow, and ends up arranging the entire funeral. She even goes to the funeral home with Maryann to pick out the casket. After calling every number in Arthur's Rolodex, Cybill finds that the few people who will talk to her haven't heard of him. Cybill tries to tell Evelyn that Arthur was not the big time Hollywood agent he said he was, but can't. Not wanting to disappoint Evelyn, Cybill arranges for look-alikes to attend Arthur's funeral. After the funeral, Evelyn tells Cybill she knows it was a fake, but she appreciates the trouble she went to. Evelyn admits Arthur wasn't a big time agent, but he was a big time husband. Cybill admits to "Abe Lincoln" that she was glad she stayed with Arthur until the day he died. "Abe" offers to buy her a drink. On their way out, they see the real Kenny Rogers. Cybill tells him he's late, so she's not paying him – and he doesn't even look like Kenny Rogers. Maryann tells Cybill that she's fantasized about Ira. She tries to jump Ira's bones, but Ira just wants to be friends. Maryann tells Cybill that Ira's rejection only makes her want him more. Cybill introduces her to Jack, the funeral home director. They arrange a date for after the funeral, but Maryann blows him off after hearing Cybill tell Ira their relationship is over. Maryann figures Ira is vulnerable and desperate and won't have the strength to fight her off.
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