Season 2 Episode 19

An Officer and a Thespian

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Mar 17, 1996 on CBS

Episode Recap

When Cybill asks Marsha Warfield why she never gets any "tough cop" type roles, Marsha tells Cybill that she's a wimp. The next day Cybill is venting to Maryann about Marsha's comment when Ira and Zoey show up. Maryann immediately makes advances tow a rd Ira, but Ira doesn't bite. Later, Kevin and Rachel asks Cybill if they can use the house to host a party for Kevin's colleagues. Cybill agrees. A few days later, at the trattoria, Maryann shows up wearing a dress that she believes is a five-thousand-dollar Lyon Marseille of Paris original, that is until she sees the woman at the next table wearing the same outfit. The woman claims she got the dress at Lady B. Cheap and it cost $39.95. Maryann decides to take revenge. Meanwhile, Cybill goes on a drive-along with a police officer to learn how to be a tough cop, but the trip is cut short when the cop's wife goes into labor. When the cop runs into the hospital, Cybill is left alone in the police car. Moments later, Cybill's cell phone rings. It's Maryann who has been chased up a tree by guard dogs after papering Lyon Marseille's house. Cybill flips on the siren and heads to Maryann's rescue. Back at the part y, Kevin notices his potential boss' wife stealing things from Cybill's house. In spite of the fact that the embarrassment might cause Kevin not to get his t e n u re, Rachel calls Cybill. After rescuing Maryann, Cybill rushes to her house with the police car and busts the woman.
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