Season 3 Episode 1

Bringing Home the Bacon

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Sep 16, 1996 on CBS

Episode Recap

Cybill and Maryann enroll in a sculpture class together. Zoey announces that Nina called and they got the place in Venice Beach. She'll be moving out on Friday. To no avail, both Cybill and Ira try to convince Zoey that Venice is too dangerous. Cybill tries to get Rachel and Zoey to sit for plaster molds of their faces, so that Cybill's art teacher can make a bust of the three of them to commemorate Cybill's rite of passage as her last baby leaves the nest. The girls end up fighting and leave. It's moving day and Zoey has packed her last box. Because she and Rachel screwed up the plaster thing, she presents Cybill with a framed four-photo enlargement of her, Zoey and Rachel. It was taken in one of those dollar photo booths at Santa Monica pier. Later that night, Cybill is saddened by the fact that her girls are all grown up and out on their own, when the doorbell rings. It's Rachel, and she has a favor to ask. She tells Cybill how they were kicked out of university housing when Kevin lost his job, and that the Motel 6 they had been staying at cut up their credit card. Cybill invites them to stay with her until they get back on their feet. Ira and Maryann decide to explore one another's interests. Maryann shares her interest with Ira, by taking him to her tailor and having him fitted for a new, futuristic, un-constructed style suit. Ira shares his interest with Maryann, a lecture at UCLA. Later, at dinner, Maryann and Ira decide that their relationship is never going to work because they have absolutely nothing in common, except Cybill. They decide to just be friends.
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