Season 3 Episode 6

Cybill Does Diary

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 21, 1996 on CBS

Episode Recap

While Cybill and Maryann browse in the video store, Maryann comes across an adult movie with Cybill's picture on it - Cybill's head is on somebody else's body. They rent it to confirm Cybill's not in it somehow. Back at Cybill's house, they try to watch the video but are interrupted by Rachel and Kevin cooking dinner, and then by Ira who is having a personal crisis -- a young woman in the checkout line called him "Pops." Kevin tells Ira about a doctor who's been getting amazing results with an anti-aging drug for men. Two days later, Kevin takes Ira to the doctor, where he meets Holly, the doctor's receptionist. They are both smitten with each other. Cybill confronts Chip, the owner of the company who put out the video with her picture on it -- without her consent! After Chip promises to take the tape out of circulation, Cybill contends that women would rent erotic movies if there were movies women found erotic. Thinking this is an untapped market, Chip asks Cybill and Maryann to write a movie. They agree and will e-mail it to him upon completion. The next day, Zoey shows Cybill how to use her laptop computer. While writing their first line, Maryann hits a button and they lose it. Thinking she can get it back, Cybill hits another button that brings Zoey's European diary onto the screen. A cross-eyed Cybill quickly removes it from the screen. Two days later the script is done. Cybill calls Ira to help them e-mail their script. When he comes over, he is with his new girlfriend Holly. A week later, Cybill and Maryann go to the set where their movie is being filmed and discover they are shooting Zoey's European diary. Ira accidentally e-mailed Zoey's diary instead of the script. Cybill demands that the filming be stopped but not before learning that Zoey had sex while she was in Europe. At home, Zoey confronts Cybill as to why her diary was opened last Saturday at 2:53 p.m. Cybill can't contain herself anymore and hugs Zoey. This is when she realizes that Cybill knows she lost her virginity in Europe. Cybill explains why the diary was opened and Zoey reluctantly shares her first experience with Cybill.