Season 3 Episode 5

Cybill, Get Your Gun

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 14, 1996 on CBS

Episode Recap

After Cybill and Maryann find a burglary in progress at Cybill's house, Cybill purchases an expensive home alarm system for protection. But when the system is accidentally triggered by Zoey, Cybill takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Maryann's ex-husband, Dr. Dick, is missing and Maryann becomes a suspect. Cybill, in an effort to protect her offspring, forces Zoey to use "Safety Man," a full-sized plastic dummy, and take a self-defense course taught by Vicki Lawrence. The next day, Vicki teaches Cybill, Maryann and Zoey the fine art of attacking criminals with their thighs. A technique, which Vicki admits, couldn't stop an actual violator. A gun is a person's only veritable defense. Mysterious evidence shows up, framing Maryann for Dr. Dick's disappearance, and she is taken to the police station for questioning. At the firing range, Cybill learns how to use a gun and instantly loves the feeling of power the weapon produces. Maryann soon joins Cybill and Vicki, angered by the interrogation, and destroys the paper man hanging on the clip with several rounds of fire. After Cybill inadvertently mistakes "Safety Man" for a burglar and destroys him, she learns she has to use her self-defense knowledge wisely. Maryann receives information that Dr. Dick is alive and well, performing surgeries under his pseudonym, and has been, indeed, setting up Maryann.