Season 4 Episode 15

Cybill Sheridan's Day Off

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Mar 18, 1998 on CBS

Episode Recap

Cybill is working on an eighty-million dollar action flick. After she refuses sexual advances from the director, she is fired . Depressed about not getting to kiss Alec Baldwin in the now, Cybill accepts an invitation to spend a relaxing weekend at Maryann's house. Maryann states that her facilities will be wasted if Cybill doesn't use them because she will be out stalking Dr. Dick. Cybill agrees and is treated to endless massages and numerous cabana boy swims. In the middle of her fun, Cybill enjoys a nice glass of champagne, which, unknown to her, had been tampered with. Cybill passes out and wakes up in the middle of a bus station, wearing the feathered Valentino robe she was lounging in while in Maryann's backyard. Pinned to her outfit is a note from Dr. Dick, and it is clear that this prank was meant for Maryann. Soon , Maryann arrives to pick up Cybill but quickly learns that bus stations don't have "valets." Stuck seven hours outside of Los Angeles without purses or a car, the women try to hitch rides. However, a couple of cars pass them without stopping. Cybill then pulls out all the stops and opens her robe to stop a limo. And it works. The limo window rolls down and reveals two excited high school boys, Jaybo and Skeet. Without choice, Cybill and Maryann accept a ride from these boys who think they are prostitutes. After learning that the boys dumped their prom dates because they wouldn't put out, Cybill and Maryann decide to teach them a lesson… while punishing George West, the director that fired Cybill , and Dr. Dick, for the bus station prank. On the way back to L.A., Maryann recruits a retires KGB guy to help them seek revenge. Cybill, Maryann, and the limo soon arrive at the Hollywood Hills and find George and Dr. Dick hanging from the power line. After both George and Dr. Dick drop many feet, the boys, Jaybo and Skeet learn their lesson about how to treat women. Meanwhile, Ira gets Zoey a job playing the organ at a Lakers game.