Season 3 Episode 8

Going to Hell in a Limo (1)

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 11, 1996 on CBS

Episode Recap

As the trattoria, Cybill is approached by Amy Fitzpatrick, the writer of a new TV show called "Lifeforms," and is requested to audition for the lead role. Cybill is delighted by the attention and lands the role. Ira asks Zoey if she would throw Holly a bridal shower. Zoey agrees only to rouse Rachel - who is still bitter because she never had a bridal shower. The next day Cybill and Amy audition actors for the lead male role. After dozens of horrible reads, Cybill and Amy are ready to give up... until Jack Dakota walks in. Amy is unimpressed with Jack's reading, but Cybill convinces Amy that she and Jack have chemistry. A couple of weeks later, on the set of Lifeforms, Cybill and Jack are hitting it off very well, resulting in Jack making a pass at Cybill. Cybill's first instinct is to refuse Jack's advances, telling him that if Amy found out she could fire them both, but she can't resist and opens herself up to be kissed. Jack, however, has now reconsidered, realizing that it is Amy, not Cybill, who has the power to advance his career, so he redirects his focus to Amy. When Jack starts to get the great scenes while Cybill spends a whole show locked in a truck, Cybill confronts Amy about the direction of the show. Amy thinks Cybill is jealous of her and Jack's relationship and refuses to believe that Jack is just using her. The next night Cybill and Maryann devise a plan to trick Jack and expose his true colors to Amy. Maryann poses as a Hollywood movie producer and invites Jack to dinner to discuss the possibility of doing a movie. She hides a telephone in the breadbasket while Cybill convinces Amy to listen on the other end in the bathroom. The plan is a success when Amy hears Jack tell Maryann that he thinks Amy is a hack. The next morning Cybill meets Amy outside her office, where they boast about busting Jack. Upon entering Amy's office, they find Jack sitting behind Amy's desk with a representative from the network and a new writer for the show. Jack explains that the network decided that he was more important to the show than some "girl" writer. In the end, Cybill isn't fired... but her "strong, smart and independent female" character has been let go. To Be Continued...