Season 3 Episode 17

Kiss Me, You Fool

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 17, 1997 on CBS

Episode Recap

Cybill vows to Maryann that she is going to jumpstart her career. New headshots, new agent… and she's going to get buff. Rachel is job-hunting because with a second income, she and Kevin could get a place of their own. Cybill tells her that she and her family can stay with her as long as they need. Jeff announces that he got Cybill the part of his wife in his big action movie, "Punchout." Jeff visits with Rachel and William. He realizes he hasn't been around a lot and vows to spend more time with them. Cybill and Maryann show up at the "Punchout" sound stage. During rehearsal , Jeff breaks into a nervous giggle as he is about to kiss Cybill. The director is furious. This is the fourth actress this week. Jeff said if he could kiss anyone without losing it, Cybill would be the one. Cybill realizes why she got the part – she's there to save Jeff. Since Cybill needs this job she asks for the weekend to work with Jeff. Jeff decides to ask Ira to help him do something with the script, but Ira feels the kiss is the one moment in the whole script the makes sense. Cybill and Jeff start rehearsing. Cybill asks him how he could be nervous – he used to be a stuntman. Jeff reveals he was nervous then too, but he would stab himself with a safety pin just before a stunt. Cybill decides to inflict pain on Jeff to take away his nerves. It works! Jeff takes everyone to dinner to celebrate. He gives Cybill a Rolex watch in appreciation. And to start making up for not being around for Rachel, Jeff gives Rachel $50,000 toward the purchase of a house. Rachel is overjoyed. She claims, "Nobody has ever come through for me like this!" Cybill is obviously hurt and runs to the restroom. Maryann tells Cybill to put Rachel in her place, but Cybill can't because Jeff did something very generous and she doesn't want to take that away from him. As Cybill and Maryann exit the rest room, Rachel is waiting in the hallway to apologize. Later that night, Cybill thanks Zoey for setting Rachel straight. Jeff 's nervous giggle appears in the next scene with his "son" Bobby. Once again, it is Cybill to the rescue, asking Bobby, "Do you have a pen knife?"