Season 4 Episode 5

Like Family

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 13, 1997 on CBS

Episode Recap

Cybill lands the role as the sitcom mom on "Steffi's World," a show geared for kids. Cybill's forgettable character has all the straight lines. The show's star, Jennifer, is actually not at all like the sweet teen role model "Steffi" she portrays, but a loose cannon. When Jennifer refuses to wear a sweater as the Steffi character because it will cover up her tattoo, Cybill talks her into wearing the sweater because the tattoo on TV will take away from the focus on Jennifer's face. The show's producer recognizes that Jennifer listens to Cybill. He enlists Cybill's help to keep Jennifer in line, since her own mother isn't interested since they're not offering her enough money. If Jennifer's true colors come out, the show may never make it on the air. Cybill's bargaining chip to being Jennifer's watchdog is to get more funny lines, and the producer areas. Kevin, William and a pregnant Rachel arrive from Boston. Cybill is going to throw Rachel her baby shower. At the shower, Cybill and Rachel discuss possible godmothers for the baby. Maryann's name is not mentioned as a possible candidate for godmother and she is hurt. Cybill explains to Maryann that it's a tradition to ask family members to be godmother. Maryann points out that Cybill was naming people she rarely sees or cares about. Ira, who wasn't even there, was even mentioned as a possible godfather. Maryann points out to Cybill that if she could remember all these people, then how much a part of this family is she? Cybill tells Maryann she and Rachel are sorry they didn't think of her first, but Rachel would be thrilled to have Maryann as the baby's godmother. As Cybill is making up with Maryann, Zoey asks permission if she can go with Jennifer and her boyfriend, Ratboy, to Mexico. Cybill takes off after Jennifer. When Cybill reports to the set, she explains to the producer she has been searching all afternoon for Jennifer, but to no avail. Jennifer does arrive but accuses Cybill of watching over her only because Cybill wanted to keep her job, and not because she cared about Jennifer. Cybill explains to Jennifer that she doesn't know how good she has it. Cybill's had to struggle for everything she's ever gotten. Jennifer doesn't want to take this crap from Cybill. She doesn't even take crap from her mother. Cybill explains she is not Jennifer's mother, but would rather be friends, and declares a crap-free zone for them. Cybill then goes to talk to Maryann, and explains family members, though she loves them, can drive her crazy. But Maryann is better than family. With Maryann there is a crap-free zone, where she can be honestly herself and even though they may not always be tactful, they will forgive each other because all the bad things will just roll off their backs.