Season 3 Episode 14

Little Bo Peep

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 20, 1997 on CBS

Episode Recap

For a Lifeforms promotional appearance, Cybill visits a petting zoo. She is bitten by Silas the Lamb in front of news cameras and curses out the animal, causing a little boy to cry. Animal-rights activists cry foul. To atone, Lifeforms producers arrange for her to be reunited with the lamb at an animal rights banquet. At the trattoria, Cybill and Maryann meet two eligible bachelors. Cybill's date, Jim Hicks, is much younger than she is. Maryann's date is a veterinarian named Dr. Richard Thorpe. Because of his name, Maryann is hesitant about getting involved. Two weeks later, Cybill has been dating her younger man and trying to keep from having sex with him until they have emotionally bonded. Maryann takes Richard as her date to the banquet. Sensitive to her fears about his name, Richard introduces himself as Barney Rubble. Maryann has found her man. Meanwhile, Cybill and Ira get into a fight over Cybill's new boyfriend. Ira thinks the guy is too perfect. Cybill is called to the podium to make her presentation with Silas. Silas pees on Cybill's shoes and Cybill loses it again. Cybill is informed she's been fired and will be replaced by Lamb Chop, the puppet. Ira apologizes for butting in where he doesn't belong. He tells Cybill her track record with relationships speaks for itself. Later, Cybill goes to see Jim, sure they will finally get together. In the middle of their fireside dinner, his mother stops by. She is an exact replica of Cybill. Cybill dumps Jim before she can get involved in his production of "Oedipus Rex."