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  • This is a show about an actress who is not getting any younger, which makes her having to struggle more to get gigs.

    The characters on the show are all contributing to how hilarious it is. There's Maryanne, the divorced alcoholic woman who won't give up on her ex-husband. She's a stalker. :D
    Cybill has two daughters by two men, both of whom she divorced but they're all still in her life. The older daughter is also having some relationship problems, and the younger one is a typical teenage kid. The fathers/ex-husbands try to help out with every trouble they find themselves in but that doesn't always help. In fact, I'm not sure if it ever helped! But it's the thought that counts, and it's obvious they all love eachother.
  • A hilarious show about an actress who doesn't receive many acting jobs as she deals with life being surrounded by two ex-husbands, two daughters and one crazy friend. **SPOILER ALERT**

    Cybill is a very funny show about a forty-something actress, Cybill, who tends to find it tough to find any acting jobs. She has two daughters from two past marriages who don't make life easier for her. Cybill's best friend, Mary Ann, is anything but stable and logical, and has her own troubles with her ex-husband.
    I was very disappointed with the last episode. It's bad enough that the show ended after what feels like not enough episodes, but the final episode is a cliffhanger. With Cybil and Mary Ann arrested at the end of the episode for the murder of Dr. Dick, the audience is left completely baffled at what would become of these two, and if he really was dead.
    I've watched every episode many times and I still find it to be hilarious. Besides, the cliffhanger-ending, I really enjoyed Cybill.
  • Cybill

    Love Cybill, everytime i see it, it make me laugh. I love i don't know it was perfect, it have the perfect daughter who dosen't want to end like her mother, the child who dosen't care about anything and get her mother out of nerves. The ex-husband that is a complete idiot and dosen't do anything good or right, the other ex-husband who is a writter. And how could i forget Maryann, an exepcional woman, who love to see suffer her ex-husband Dr Dick. And then the main character Cybill who struggle to get a job and trying to be a good mother.

    With all of this you make a susesfull show, that all the have hour you can laugh and laugh especially with Maryann and all the plans for killing him.
  • Now this is a sitcom!

    Screw Friends! Cybill is the funniest sitcom I ever watched! I can watch it for entire day ,and I wouldn\'t get bored. This show has everything except for one thing - seriousness! If I was pissed ,tired or angry ,entire day ,this show would definetly cheer me up. Very original ,without cliches...The only thing I didn\'t like was the end.Despite the fact that the last episode is one of my favourites ,I would be more satisfied if we got the unaired sequel.Why are they always do that to good shows? Anyway ,great show wich definetly deserves a nice little rerun.
  • First of all...

    When I watched the first episode, I wasn't exacly sure of the quality of the show! But then, after two or three episodes, I realized that Cybill was an AWESOME show! Christine Baranski is the funniest actress ever and together, her and Cybill made the gratest team! I miss the show, hope someday I'll be able to watch reruns...
  • The best, best writing, best laughs.

    Intelligent, funny, laugh out loud great writing and delivery. My favorite of all time in the comedy arena. Oxygen was playing it but now I can't find it or when it will be on dvd. I love this show. Christine and Cybill are great together and Alicia is superb. Someone needs to bring it back.
  • "Cybill" - the first show on CBS that used a word "labia"

    Yes, Cybill was an excpetional show for quite some time. It was this groundbreaking little sitcom in the mid to late 90s that got canceled too abruptly because of feuds on the set allegedly caused by the main cast. Too bad, it was so much fun. Mary Ann Thorpe wonderfully played by Emmy-winning Christine Baranski was the strongest and the best character on the show, she was feisty and drunk all the time. She also had a great bank account. But the character of Cybill was annoying at times. Her entire family kinda was. Mostly Alan Rosenberg who played one of her ex-hubbies Ira. The first 2 seasons were flawless for me, lots of greatly embarassing situations and things that made you laugh out loud. But from season 3 it was starting to become this "menopause-female-feministic" show which kinda stopped being so much funny. Most of the episodes were flat and boring. CBS was screwing with episode orders that became so obvious because some of the events got mixed up. Season 4 got better in its 2nd half and the show ended with Cybill & Mary Ann getting arrested for murder of Mary Ann's infamous ex-husband Dr. Dick. Season 5 was needed badly. Can you image those two ladies in prison? I can. :) 8,5/10
  • An absolute classic show

    This series is one of my all time favourite sitcoms. The struggles of being a working actress/mother could have spawned many more seasons than the show actually got.

    The characters were well rounded and written, the character of Maryanne in particular made me laugh out loud with her plots to get revenge on the eponymous "Dr Dick." She was a role model for spurned wives everywhere. Why boil a bunny when you can electrocute your ex husband in the bath tub? LOL.

    The trials, the tribualtions, the neuroses. The show had class, it had laughs. It had it all.