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  • A hilarious show about an actress who doesn't receive many acting jobs as she deals with life being surrounded by two ex-husbands, two daughters and one crazy friend. **SPOILER ALERT**

    Cybill is a very funny show about a forty-something actress, Cybill, who tends to find it tough to find any acting jobs. She has two daughters from two past marriages who don't make life easier for her. Cybill's best friend, Mary Ann, is anything but stable and logical, and has her own troubles with her ex-husband.
    I was very disappointed with the last episode. It's bad enough that the show ended after what feels like not enough episodes, but the final episode is a cliffhanger. With Cybil and Mary Ann arrested at the end of the episode for the murder of Dr. Dick, the audience is left completely baffled at what would become of these two, and if he really was dead.
    I've watched every episode many times and I still find it to be hilarious. Besides, the cliffhanger-ending, I really enjoyed Cybill.