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  • "Cybill" - the first show on CBS that used a word "labia"

    Yes, Cybill was an excpetional show for quite some time. It was this groundbreaking little sitcom in the mid to late 90s that got canceled too abruptly because of feuds on the set allegedly caused by the main cast. Too bad, it was so much fun. Mary Ann Thorpe wonderfully played by Emmy-winning Christine Baranski was the strongest and the best character on the show, she was feisty and drunk all the time. She also had a great bank account. But the character of Cybill was annoying at times. Her entire family kinda was. Mostly Alan Rosenberg who played one of her ex-hubbies Ira. The first 2 seasons were flawless for me, lots of greatly embarassing situations and things that made you laugh out loud. But from season 3 it was starting to become this "menopause-female-feministic" show which kinda stopped being so much funny. Most of the episodes were flat and boring. CBS was screwing with episode orders that became so obvious because some of the events got mixed up. Season 4 got better in its 2nd half and the show ended with Cybill & Mary Ann getting arrested for murder of Mary Ann's infamous ex-husband Dr. Dick. Season 5 was needed badly. Can you image those two ladies in prison? I can. :) 8,5/10