Cybill - Season 2

CBS (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide

  • 5/20/96
    Children's show host Major Milo proposes to Cybill on the air; but she's much more interested in a hunky cable technician. Meanwhile, Ira and Maryann have a steamy dinner date that ends in disaster.
  • 5/13/96
    Zoey's new-found popularity confounds an apologetic Sean; Ira and Maryann go on a first date; Cybill accompanies the waiter to a party at his ex-boyfriend's.
  • Pal Zoey
    Episode 22
    Cybill is disconcerted but delighted when a heartbroken Zoey decides she wants to be best friends; but Rachel storms off when Cybill and Kevin agree to sit in on a marriage counseling session, only to discover that Kevin slept with Rachel's therapist. Meanwhile, Maryann tries to make Ira jealous by flirting with Cybill's Arkansas cousin Lyle, who is obsessed with getting onto The Price is Right.moreless
  • 4/29/96
    Cybill's hot flashes and herbal treatments don't make her feel any younger, nor does Ira's visiting mother Ruth, who has traded in pantsuits for trendy clothes and an herbal pleasure of her own (or, as she calls it, "a little sweet wheat"). But Ruth is a hit with Zoey, since she arrives in a pink Cadillac that's a present for her granddaughter, much to Cybill and Ira's dismay.moreless
  • 3/31/96
    Kevin's preoccupation with getting tenure looks like an affair to Rachel, who decides that two can play that game; Zoey and Sean lie about their celibacy to stop their friends' questions.
  • 3/17/96
    To land a movie role as a cop, Cybill prepares by riding with a cop on duty; but when his wife goes into labour, Cybill is left with the car, the siren and a call from Maryann in trouble. Meanwhile, Rachel's husband throws a party to suck up to his academic superior in hopes of landing tenure; and Zoey and Sean notice the academic's wife stealing the silver.moreless
  • Romancing the Crone
    Episode 18
    Cybill accidentally causes a famous actress to break her arm, so she invites her to recuperate at her home, where the woman breaks Cybill's endurance with boundless demands. Meanwhile, Zoey discovers that her brother-in-law Kevin is having an on-line dalliance with another woman.
  • Wedding Bell Blues
    Episode 17
    Cybill's longtime rival Andrea beats her out for another job, then announces she is marrying Maryann's ex Dr. Dick, so the two plot revenge schemes to ruin the wedding reception. Nothing goes as planned, but a food fight puts an end to the reception anyway.
  • A Who's Who for What's His Name
    Cybill decides to fire her agent Arthur-who drops dead behind Cybill and Maryann while they are toasting "new beginnings." Cybill offers her sympathies to Evelyn, Arthur's widow, ends up arranging the entire funeral, and learns that Arthur was not the big time Hollywood agent he claimed to be: most of the people in Arthur's Rolodex have never heard of him. A desperate Cybill arranges for celebrity look-alikes to attend Arthur's funeral.
    Meanwhile, Maryann confesses to Cybill that she has fantasized about Ira.moreless
  • Lowenstein's Lament
    Episode 15
    Cybill auditions to play herself in the film based on Ira's book, but she regards the written character as a "needy doormat" - which may be why her performance is flat; and she loses the role to Paula Abdul.
  • Where's Zoey?
    Episode 14
    Cybill refuses to let Zoey stay home alone while she travels to Vancouver to film an sf series, so Maryann offers to let the "demon seed" stay with her. But Maryann gets into a pickle when she goes out for olives and Zoey disappears.
  • Educating Zoey
    Episode 13
    Cybill and Ira learn a lesson in parenting when one of Zoey's counselors informs them that college is not part of Zoey's plans for the future.
  • 1/8/96
    A rotten experience in the Big Apple in 1969 took a chunk out of Cybill's self-esteem, so, for her birthday, Maryann, Rachel and Zoey take her to New York and teach her how to bite back.
  • Mourning Has Broken
    Episode 11
    Cybill renews a romance with David Whittier Sr., which ended the first time because he was still mourning his wife's death. But Maryann's convinced he did more than mourn - she thinks he caused it. So she and Cybill break into his house in search of evidence.
  • The Odd Couples
    Episode 10
    Not since Felix and Oscar have there been such odd pairings: Ira shadows Maryann hoping her lunacy will dispel his trouble with writers' block; and Cybill hangs out with Sean.
  • Local Hero
    Episode 9
    After she is replaced in a movie starring Kenny Rogers, Cybill thinks her career's a flop - until she takes a gamble on accepting an invitation to visit an immigrant family who collectively idolize her. Meanwhile, Rachel tries to counsel Ira out of his neurotic fear of the telephone.
  • 11/19/95
    Cybill's an unhappy Pilgrim who's not making much progress realizing her dream of a family Thanksgiving: everyone goes elsewhere, and she has to work on the holiday.
  • To Sir, With Lust
    Episode 7
    To be physically intimate or not to be? That's the question when Cybill dates and desires her acting teacher, until she sees him in his one-man play; and Zoey reconsiders her vow of chastity now that she has met Sean.
  • 10/22/95
    Controlling Maryann comes to Cybill's financial rescue when the star of her new sitcom, Dick Van Patten, drops dead during a curtain call.
  • Cybill's Fifteen Minutes
    Cybill is hounded by the press after her Oscar night date, famous actor Dennis Oliver leaves her and then solicits a prostitute in LA, taking it for granted he won't get caught.
  • Cybill With an 'S'
    Episode 4
    Ira brings his new girlfriend to Zoey's sweet sixteen birthday party, and Cybill and Maryann both like her until they discover she has uncontrollable multiple personalities; Zoey and Sean, a busboy from the restaurant, are mutually smitten.
  • 10/1/95
    Jeff's second ex-wife Terry is pregnant, and tells Cybil that Jeff is the unwitting father; Cybill and Maryann take William shopping, but return home with the wrong stroller and baby.
  • Zing!
    Episode 2
    Cybill tells Maryann that "there's no zing anymore" when she meets someone new. And it's still missing when Maryann sets her up on a blind date - until she meets the guy's sixty-something father.
  • 9/17/95
    Disturbed by feeling that her family all have lives separate from her own, Cybill drags Maryann into the desert in search of spiritual insights and, receiving an urgent psychic message from the universe, rushes back just in time for the birth of her grandson.
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