Season 2 Episode 8

They Shoot Turkeys, Don't They?

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 19, 1995 on CBS

Episode Recap

Cybill has a co-starring role with Dylan, a prepubescent brat. Maryann is nervous about her son, Justin, visiting for Thanksgiving. She prepares for her tree-hugging son's visit by becoming 'earthy,' afraid he won't approve of her materialistic ways. Cybill is disappointed when her family reveals they've all made different arrangements for the holiday: Zoey will dine with Sean's family; Rachel, Kevin and William are going to Boston to visit Kevin's family; Jeff and Ira are going to cook a turkey in the earth and be men. Maybe this will cure Ira's writer's block. On the set, Dylan slides his hands over Cybill's rump during a tender mother/son jungle scene. After she tells him off, he refuses to work the rest of the day, so they'll have to work on Thanksgiving day. The next day, the unforgiving crew torments her. After they wrap, she puts Nair in Dylan's conditioner. Cybill is thrilled when she goes home to her entire family, whose plans have fallen through, and a 'surprise' dinner. Maryann also shows up after she hears Justin has been arrested for trying to liberate turkeys at a poultry farm in Portland. Although touched by her family's efforts, Cybill hops on a plane with Maryann to bail Justin out.
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