Season 2 Episode 17

Wedding Bell Blues

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 18, 1996 on CBS

Episode Recap

Cybill and Andrea run into one another on the set of Chicago Hope, where Cybill is playing a coma victim. Cybill learns that Andrea plans to retire because she is going to wed Dr. Richard Thorpe, so Cybill brags about her meetings with Ron Howard. Later, Ira comes by to invite Cybill to Richard's wedding - an invitation that she is unable to accept because of her loyalty to Maryann. Then Maryann arrives and Cybill breaks the wedding news to her in private, which Maryann gracefully accepts. This reaction worries Cybill, so she stops by Maryann's later and finds her cleaning her own apartment, complaining that the maids don't know how to "Q-tip a nude." Finally, Maryann reveals her sadness as she tells Cybill Richard invited her to his wedding. Cybill goes to another meeting with Ron Howard, only to find that Andrea has stolen the part from her. This infuriates her and she heads to Maryann's for comfort. There, she finds Maryann, frumping around in her robe, drinking Seven-Up. Maryann tells Cybill that her stalking days are over. They then go to the address on the invitation, which is a hot dog stand, and realize they have been duped. This triggers the old Maryann back into action: she reports Ira's car stolen, so that the police can track his Lo-Jack and lead them to the wedding. Once there, they try to sabotage it with peppers in the pate, hydrogen sulfide on Dick's clothes, and by turning on the sprinkler system. All aspects of the plan, however, backfire on Cybill and Maryann, leaving Maryann sad and wallowing in her loss of identity - until a helicopter arrives and blows everything to hell. Cybill told the press that Madonna and Peter Jennings were getting married, and this pleases Maryann. It does not, however, please Andrea who attacks Cybill with words and food, causing a tremendous food fight between the two blondes. In the end, Maryann is pleased with herself and the outcome of Richard's wedding, and congratulates Dr. Dick by shoving his head into the wedding cake. Throughout the whole wedding, Ira is still hung up on Cybill and doesn't notice Maryann's advances.