Season 4 Episode 18

Whose Wife Am I, Anyway?

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 07, 1998 on CBS

Episode Recap

Cybill arrives home to find Jeff and his grandmother, Grandma Robbins. Jeff never told his grandmother they divorced and now she thinks they are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Cybill feels pressure to keep up the front. In the middle of the charade Ira and Zoey enter. Jeff casts Ira as Cybill's agent and Zoey as a troubled girl he and Cybill took in off the street. Suddenly, the Waiter arrives with take-out. He is visibly upset. His parents are coming in for the weekend and he wants to tell them he is gay. Despite her identity as fake wife, Cybill tells him that it's best to be honest with your family. The next day, Cybill, Jeff and Grandma Robbins go to the trat to celebrate their anniversary. When Cybill is intro d u c e d to the Waiter's parents, he tells them she is his girlfriend. Cybill agrees to go along with the ruse when the Waiter tells her she will never have to pay for another meal in the trat again. Having to act like a wife on one side and girlfriend on the other puts Cybill in an awkward position. Ira and Zoey sit at the bar and watch the shenanigans. Cybill urges the Waiter to tell his parents the truth. He chickens out and asks Cybill to marry him instead. Cybill tells him she can't – she only has two weeks to live. Cybill can't take it anymore; she confesses everything to the entire restaurant. The Waiter takes this opportunity to share the news of his sexuality. His parents are stunned at first but decide this will be a good way to get into the alternative lifestyles group at their church. Cybill goes to apologize to Grandma Robbins for lying, but Grandma Robbins says she didn't hear what was going on – something was wrong with her hearing aid. Cybill realizes she is still technically "married" to Jeff. She tells him for their next anniversary they are going to Paris and she is bringing a date.