Cyborg 009

Season 1 Episode 7

Defeat the Invisible Opponent

Aired Saturday 1:30 AM Jul 08, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The search party heads to Tokyo to look the kidnapped doctor. 009 searches in his old neighborhoods and there he meets an old friend who tells him about the past. An odd yet huge young guy joins them and makes a sculpture for 009. Suddenly a man shows up and takes the boy with him.

Shockingly, he is one of the kidnappers from the Black Ghost organization searching for the "run-away" boy and, recognizing 009 as a Cyborg, heads back to the car with the boy.

After talking to his two other Cyborg killer companions decides to kill 009. After handing over the doctor to a huge invincible robot that comes out from the ocean, they attack 009. The leader of the Cyborg killers is caught but then the invincible robot returns and attacks 009. 009 use his acceleration device to almost win the battle but the robot uses the kidnapped doctor as a human shield. Then he just disappears after creating a huge whirlwind of mud.
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