Cyborg 009

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Birth of A New Universal
      Joe and the rest of the Cyborgs put up one last stand against the evil Black Ghost! Will they beat him and finally end it all? Or, will some of the Cyborgs have to make the ultimate sacrifice?!
    • The Fluttering Australia
    • The Goddess Scheme
      The Goddess Scheme
      Episode 23
    • When You Wish Upon a Shooting Star
      Black Ghost sets in motion his most frightening plan of all; the complete destruction of mankind. 001 teleports me in a confrontation with Black Ghost himself. Once there, I find myself face to face with the secret power behind the Black Ghost organization. In the course of my fight, I learn out how powerful this evil force really is. Can I destroy it? Or will mankind be forced to deal with this scourge forever? -009 from the ‘next time'.moreless
    • Rise of the Demon
      Rise of the Demon
      Episode 21
    • The Underground Empire
    • Good-Bye, My Dolphin
    • Nightmare of Van Bogoot
      Joe's dearest friends got wiped out and a mysterious woman appeared. Can we figure out who's to blame for the deadly attacks that have the entire world on the brink of war? And who's gunning to take us out of the picture and see us sleep with the fishes? If our planet is to survive, we will have to use all our resources against our unknown enemy and their lethal flying machines. Find out if we can fit together the pieces of this deadly puzzle. -004 from the ‘next time' previewmoreless
    • Old Friends
      Old Friends
      Episode 17
      Giant pterodactyls suddenly appear out of nowhere; destroying planes, collapsing buildings and killing innocent people around the globe. The nations of the world accuse each other of the attacks and prepare to go to war. Dr. Gilmore suspects a wealthy industrialist is behind the destruction. He sends the cyborg team to investigate and what they find out is shocking. What secret do they uncover? -009 from the ‘next time' previewmoreless
    • To Tomorrow
      To Tomorrow
      Episode 16
      We're putting all our thoughts together to create enough energy to contact 009, who is many time warps away. But even if he receives our telepathic communication, how are we going to bring him home again? He's in the future fighting Black Ghost while we're in the present doing the same. Is the future set in stone? Can we overcome our enemy and change what seems to be the inescapable destruction of mankind? -001 from the 'next time'moreless
    • Future Fury
      Future Fury
      Episode 15
      009 and Lina are trapped in the future, a war-torn wasteland, and 009 realize that Black Ghost, Lina's enemy as well, still exists in the future. He begins to think that all their efforts to defeat Black Ghost are pointless. The other cyborgs have to find a way to bring him back home.moreless
    • Gamo's Revenge
      Gamo's Revenge
      Episode 14
      In this episode, you see Gamo with the four new assassins, muttering to him. Then you see him when he was younger. Talking to his son, his wife was pounding on the door, telling him to stop. Then you see the zero-zero team sitting on the edges of beds with Gilmore had explaining to them what happened with 001 and his father. Then 002, 005, 007, and 008 were doing a search. As they were flying in the Dolphin, Phil pulled them onto a deserted island to send into the future. After fighting with them, Phil and Kane went back to the group. When they tried to send them into the future, 001 tells 009 to use his accelerator to mess up the flow. They decide to eliminate him first. When 009 couldn't fight them anymore, Kane knocked him off balance, causing the necklace to revile itself. When the Lina saw it, she was forced to go into the future with 009.moreless
    • The New Assassins
      The New Assassins
      Episode 13
      Dr. Gamo sends his brand new cyborgs - Phil, Kane, Lina, and Mai - against the 00 cyborgs. Will the good guys triumph, or will the new assassins prevail?
    • Black Ghost Lives
      Black Ghost Lives
      Episode 12
      In this episode, it tells about 001 through 008 were created and things like that before 009 wakes up to 001 talking to him telepathy in the very first episode of season one, The Birth.
    • The Night of the Star Festival
      Joe gets a feeling to get off a trainstop and him mets a mysterious little girl whom likes to be called Alice. Alice gets Joe to go with her to her house and claims that she has known him since he was little. Joe accompanies her to her house and then she tells Joe that she can jump through time. Alice shows Joe some pictures of himself when he was little and Joe could see Alice in the reflection of his eyes in the photo. During the meteor shower, Alice then gets Joe to think of who he really wants to see. Joe finds himself in the past and it’s the star festival. He sees some children making wishes and letting a branch paper with their wishes on it float down the river. But one girl's paper gets stopped and Joe gets in the river and lets it float again. A meteor shower starts and the girl gets Joe to make a wish.Joe wishes to see his mother again. Joe wakes up back on the train and thinks it was just a dream. He gets off his stop and walks away. On the train, Alice is there.moreless
    • The Frozen Land
      The Frozen Land
      Episode 10
      An enemy - possibly Black Ghost - has frozen a usually seasonable mountain region. 009, 006 and Dr. Gilmore must stop it.
    • The City of Wind
      The City of Wind
      Episode 9
      009 falls for a princess who is stuck guarding an ancient temple.
    • The Pharaoh's Curse
      Chaos occurs when an evil society holds both the world's deadliest virus -- and its only known vaccine.
    • Frozen Time
      Frozen Time
      Episode 7
      When 009 get an upgrade to his speed-enhancement powers, time literally begins to speed up for him -- so much that he essentially becomes the last man on earth. Will he find a way to stop it while also averting a major crisis?
    • Man or Machine?
      Man or Machine?
      Episode 6
      A lot of people have always fantasised about having a twin. But we have a saying in my homeland, Germany; the one who looks exactly like you will always bring you doubt. On our next show, I face just such a reality. I confront a cyborg that looks just like me, but it soon becomes obvious that he's a more deadly weapon than I am. Just where my other half come from did and what does he have in store for me? I'll have to handle this guy myself. Find out if I have the right stuff to survive this challenge. -004 on the ‘next time' previewmoreless
    • Monster Island
      Monster Island
      Episode 5
      Dr. Gilmore calls 004 and tells him to go somewhere. When he gets there, he finds a robot replication of him self that knows his every move. They fight, but the robot wins. Dr. Gilmore tells 004 that this was an experiment to test his ability. He says he should admit that he is nothing more than a powerful weapon, but 004 won't do so. He battles the robot once more, and they fight so intensely that the difference can't be seen between the two but when the robot prepares to destroy an innocent bird's nest, 004 saves it proving that he is a human and not a machine. He destroys the robot, then the Dr. Gilmore which also turns out to be a robot. 004 knew the real Dr. Gilmore would never put his life at risk for an experiment.moreless
    • Computoia
      Episode 4
      The Cyborgs visit the technology based city of Computoia which is run by the super computer Sphinx. Sphinx is capable of human emotion. It develops a crush on 003 and abducts her. The other cyborgs work franticly to find her while the super computer tries to destroy them.
    • The Blue Earth
      The Blue Earth
      Episode 3
      All over the world, a mysterious blue beast has been wrecking havoc. 005 travels to his home land and in the desert are confronted by the monster, who he believes is a cyborg created by Black Ghost. He fights him, learning of the blue beast's cruel intentions for human kind.
    • The Awakening
      The Awakening
      Episode 2
      Enemy ships still keep coming to attack the Earth and the heroes are relying on 009 and 001. The aliens then bring the heroes to their planet which looks similar to Earth. Dr. Gilmore, 001, 002 and 005 stayed with the aliens while the others try and find the alien hostages. But 002 expect the aliens from the other dimension to help as well, but they risk destroying themselves. 002 try to find a way to activate the alien's powers by threatening them, but it doesn't work. Then 002 tells the aliens about his past and how he grew up, the alien's powers then activate and destroy the enemy ships. 002's love is what activated the powers and he gave the aliens confidence. The aliens return to Earth to drop the hero’s home. The aliens fly away with their ship disguised as the enemy ship.moreless
    • Little Visitors
      Little Visitors
      Episode 1
      002, back in New York, wakes up to find the statue of liberty crashed into his apartment. 003 and 007 hear about this and other strange happenings on the radio while camping. 009 and 006 are fishing and see a "whirlpool" in the sky and something flys out. They find three alien children where the object crashed. 001 speaks to them (they can only speak telepathically) and they say they're escaping their enemy. They have great powers, but if they use their powers to kill another being, they get killed. Other alien children are fond elswhere by the other cyborgs. 008 is in Africa and sees a giant mass of energy (seen in the previous episode). The Dolphin arrives and 001 makes a hole in the mass' barrier. 009 then accelerates into it and destroys it. One of the alien children (which 002 saved earlier) spoke, saying that another mass has come. It obliterates a city and 009 is about to destroy it.moreless
  • Season 1