Cyborg 009

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Saturday 1:30 AM Jul 09, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

0013 is sent out by the leader of the Black Ghosts to destroy Tokyo. 009 finds a little helpless girl in the ruins and suddenly someone in his mind leads him to a park. After defeating one of the killers he meets the other two Cyborg killers and the strange boy who are waiting. The boy turns out to be 0013 and he is controlling the huge invincible robot. 007 engages the robot and 0013 makes it disappear but now is 009 alone against his enemies. 0013 is on the side of the Black Ghosts but he warns 009 when the other killers try to shoot him in the back. This is because he doesn't want the little girl to be hit. The leader of the Cyborg killers almost shoots 009 and the girl when 0013 suddenly kills them all. He takes the child and moves her aside so he can continue the fight against 009.

The Cyborg killer that 009 defeated outside the park returns and watches the fight as 009 and 0013 are using their acceleration devices. The returned killer strikes with his samurai sword against them and hits 0013 by accident. 0013 becomes angry and kills him as well. During the battle, 009 tries to convince 0013 to come over to his side because 0013 is really good at heart. After killing the returned killer 0013 calls the robot, and the machine returns the kidnapped doctor. Then he tells 009 that he cannot control the robot completely. He also says that if they head back to the BGs village it will be sunny again over Tokyo. After this he jumps up on the robot's shoulder and dives with him into the water. A huge explosion follows. The robot is destroyed and 009 picks up 0013 from the water. Then sadly, after telling 009 that he wants to be his friend, 0013 dies.
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