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  • Suck it DBZ

    While people I know IRL or on the internet were praising crap animes with no development, coherent story or plot, & mindless fights like Dragon Ball Z, I myself watched true gems such as Card Captor Sakura, Yu-Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha, Busou Renkin, & Cyborg 009; my favorite anime.

    Cyborg 009 is a beautiful anime with strong, deep & well developed characters, a solid storyline, neat character designs & traits done in the Osamu Tezuka style (which some of the other animes I happen to like use), a fantastic art style, great animation, great voice acting, & the best anime ending theme song ever (Genesis of Next).

    Avoid garbage like DBZ & Dragon Ball GT & stick with this instead, because unlike DBZ, Cyborg 009 has it all.
  • I love this show!!

    I love the story line for Cyborg 009, I hadn't really seen anything like it before, so I was curious when I saw this on Cartoon Network's Toonami a couple of years ago. The story is that there is a secret organization called Black Ghost, this organization wants to engulf the world into war. By wanting to do that they kidnap 9 individuals, all of them have different backgrounds and some are from different times. Black Ghost turns these 9 individuals into the ultimate killing cyborgs, but before Black Ghost has a chance to unless them, they rebel and escape with help from the scientist that turned them into cyborgs. Now these cyborgs use the abilities that were forced upon them to fight against Black Ghost, and hopefully stop them from creating anymore weapons of warfare.
  • A true Anime jewel that has transcended time

    this anime, by Shoutarou Ishinomori-Sama is a real classic.

    Many viewers don't find this anime attractive and it is understandable; the animation differs from the average anime we're used to. Some might say the characters are grotesquely drawn and only two of them have those cute, rounded eyes that make other characters so pretty, but the truth is that Cyborg 009 is a living proof of the story and development of manga/anime and these genres would not be what they are if Ishinomori hadn't drawn this great story. Indeed, C009 needs to be appreciated within the context of its original creation: The original manga started in 1963, a time still shaken by the World War 2 and the cold war, and those problems, along with some others proper of that time, were fused together into the character of Black Ghost; an organization set to conquer the world by any means.

    Each one of the nine cyborgs are from different parts of the world and through them, social problems are reflected. Their personalities are very well set different and it gives the show a very nice dynamic.

    The animation is a great amalgam: we get to see the evolution of anime through it: Those big hands and strange body shapes were the norm in the first mangas, and the producers of the 2000 series decided to keep them, mixing them with new characteristics, giving this anime a very different visual feeling.

    Not everybody enjoy it, and probably only those know the manga/anime history will understand how great Cyborg 009 is. But for me it is an awesome show. It is such a shame Ishinomori-sama died before completing his creation.
  • This show was spectacular.I would give anything to see it in english again.

    This show was one of the best things i have ever watched. It's so true, and it tells the true meaning of life. Stuggles and death. Humanity and love. I think it didnt make it because they showed it to the wrong age group. Cartoonnetwork is more for children or tweens. This show can not be truly understood unless ur a teenager like i now am. i first watched it when it came out at i loved it the moment i saw it. Which was about ..... idk four years ago now. I loved it , but never really understood the show. But now that i am older ive watched the old tapes i have left of recording the show ( which are slowly desinigrating because i have watched them so much ) , and now i recently bought the whole series in Japanese with subtitles. Even thought the subs are off most of the time and I Really Miss Their Voices!!! I finally got to see the ending to the show, what i have been waiting for four years! I never saw the second season because it was shown at 1:00 a.m est here!! I never it remembered it being advertised about showing at such a ghastly hour and i surely would have taped it so i could have watched it at a more appropriate time. I think they made a mistake when they made it seem like kids should watch it, yes , but only teens and on can understand it and admire their fight for mankind. It was too deep for kids and they lost interest quickly because of it, because young kids enjoy action and even thought this has plenty of action they talk a lot too. Taking this show off was a horrid mistake, Shotaro Ishinomori's ( rest his soul) idea for this show was a masterpiece and i am upset on how it was treated.
  • I miss this show sooo much

    why did they take it off!! Please bring it back!! I loved it!! TT.TT I wanna watch it again.... I miss the action and the drama, but now its gone...*sigh* Wish it would come back... I mean the show has a weird sense of humor and yeah the characters look a bit weird, but the plot was awesome andso was the action!! I can't believe they took it off!! It makes me sad and mad because....okay maybe it wasn't one of the most loved shows, but a lot of people loved this show and then it just goes and disappears. I give it a 10 but it was perfect in almost every single way. Is there anyway this show could come back on toonami?
  • A decent anime.

    Cyborg 009 is a classic anime from 1966, the translation to TV of Ishinomori Shoutarou's manga. I remember the original episodes were reaired where I live some years ago, so I could watch some of them. Awesome. Now, enter Cyborg 009, the new 2001 anime. It's the same characters from the original, in a new anime. The story of the manga is retold in awesome color, fantastic art and animation, and superb music and storylines. All the 00 cyborgs from the manga return and the action is non-stop, superbly written stories and wonderful anime art. The anime art is exactly identical to the one seen back in the 60's. Hardcore Anime fans like me will recognize the cute anime used in the dawn of the style, which was the same used in Tetsuwan Atom, (known as Astroboy in the U.S) Tetsujin 28, and others back in the time. That is great, since the show brings back to life the original style. True, today´s anime style has evolved, but it still looks very very similar to the one used in its first days. And that is perfect.

    I always loved Ishinomori-sama's manga, and seeing his classic Cyborg 009 back to life in these days is incredible. This is, without exaggeration, one of the best anime of all time. The stories and the characters are touching, you will be moved to tears in every episode. It's so deep, so real, so cute, I can't explain it with words. The visuals are incredible, beautiful colors, fantastic trademark anime animation, and perfect illustrations. There is nothing that is not good in it, well, you can expect that from anime. The stories are so well written. you can't help wondering how they do it.

    There's no way I could really describe how great this anime is. But one thing is sure, Ishinomori-sama has once again lived up to his reputation as one of the greatest masters of anime and manga. And Cyborg 009 will always be on top of anime and manga history. Awesome
  • Cyborg 009 (2001) is a must know anime for all Anime Fans.

    This is one of my many favorite animes. I only seen about half of the series, but I know it pretty well from reading the original comic and internet.

    9 humans with different backgrounds become cyborg thanks to the Black Ghost Organization. Which is an evil organization that plots world domination.

    The 00 cyborgs fled from it and start a rebellion against it with their unique powers. Throughout the series, they'll encounter many other cyborgs and villians. It's a highly unappreciated anime, that deserves more. I hope one day it'll get a DVd box set release.
  • Cyborg009 is probably one of the best anime shows ever created. (I'm only saying ONE of the best, because I'm sure someone else might have a different opinion.) If you don't like it, you've never seen it! (Everyone I know that has seen it, has loved it.)

    I loved this show with all my heart, and I want it to come back! I wish that the creater didn't have to die of cancer (the only reason the show is off the air) so he could continue the series! Luckily, for all you fans out there like me, there is a small solution. Either we write a petition to the creators or you can go watch some in Japanese on the web. Not all of them are online, but there are enough to get the picture. (I suggest searching for: Cyborg 009 Theme and look for the Japanese one. It's really good!) But, all the same, it isn't as good as watching it on the tv as soon as I get home from school everyday. The show even inspired me to be who I am today! I know you are probably thinking I should stop blabbing, so I will stop. I just have to say one thing though: COME BACK! =^.^=
  • Cyborgs. Good ones and bad ones. Joe is a teenager that is perfectly normal until one day. Black Ghost, an evil organization, turned him into a cyborg along with 8 other people. They each have unique abilities and with them, they will save the world.

    They need to bring this show back! It is awesome. I love Joe, he is awesome. He is so nice too. I think this is one of thebest shows that I have seen in my life and they need to bring it back. I am sure that other people will agree with me. This show is full of action and emotion. I haven't got to see all the episodes but the ones I have seen are really cool. I thought the last episode sounded awesome. I hope they get it out on DVD. This show is one I will never forget and I hope other people don't either. It is an awesome show.
  • I Wish This Show Come Back!

    I Wish This Comes Back! I Remember Three Years Ago, When I First Watched This Show, Then When It Ended, I Didn't Know, But I Really, Really Love This Show! Is There A Manga For This Anime? If So, I'm Buying It Right Now! Manga And Anime, Here I come!
  • This show is one of my all time favorites it was the show that i could watch non stop it was great it astowned me...........

    This show is one of my all time favorites it was the show that i could watch non stop it was great it astowned me. 009 was my favorite character he had an inocent face even though he was a juvenile delinquent. All of ther\\\'re episodes were awsome it was an impowerment to watch this show all of those hattas should be hattin somewhere else yo cause this show was off the chain aiight. let me tell you people somethin Cyborg 009 was great until that last episode. That last episode was a misselanious act they ended the show with out ending that part it got me really upset as you would read in my blog. No oneknows if they die or not that is just very upsetting aiight see ya.........
  • I am feeling great. Are Cyborg 009 and his friends fighting the Shadow King Cyborg? I was watching "Cyborg 009" on TV. Is Cyborg 009 fighting Shadow King Cyborg? Cyborg 009 and his 9 friends were saving the world from Shadow King Cyborg. Do Shadow King Cy

    Were Cyborg 009 and his friends fighting the Shadow King Cyborg? I am feeling great. Is Cyborg 009 fighting Shadow King Cyborg? I was watching "Cyborg 009" on TV. Cyborg 009 and his 9 friends are saving the world from Shadow King Cyborg. Do Shadow King Cyborg take Cyborg 009?
  • This is one of the best animes ever created. If you haven't seen this, you've been missing out a lot of good stuff. I remember I was obsessed with this when I was 10.

    This anime is very, very, good. It was full of suspense, the fights were pretty good, and, wow. No other series like this could ever beat it. This is one of my top five favorite animes.

    The only problem with it is... why does it have to be on at 1 AM?! Because of this I only was able to see the first season. I kept forgetting to tape it, so, I was stuck. The first time I saw it on at that time, I was thinking, "1 AM? I can't stay up that late! Well, at least it's on..."

    I remember in 5th grade this was almost everything I thought about. I daydreamed half the school day about it; I was completely obsessed. Well, it's a good show, so don't hurt me for that.

    CN really needs to bring this back to Toonami and replace that BoBoBo junk with this. Please CN! Please!
  • If you are against the war in Iraq, then this is the show for you. It's about a large, "well behaived" family that fights the day-to-day wars in every nation, distroying their enimies and bringing a slightly better taste of Chinese food with them!

    Ever since I began watcbing this show (eight episodes in), I have been inspired by what teamwork and friends can do. At one point, I didn't like this show for a stupid reason, but once my friend convinced me to watch it, I have loved it with all of my heart.
  • Such Emotion, a true masterpiece of a manga story from the Cold war time.

    Black Ghost, the evil lord the secret organization bent on making money from weapons during war. They dont just supply weapons of all sorts, they create conflicts to spark war and profit from helping both sides, until they destory each other.
    It starts when 9 people are kidnapped off the streets of different countries, races and classes. They are turned into cyborgs and each are given their own special abilities. They of course werent asked about this, and band together to fight the organization and stop their plans for wars while at the same time defending themself from attacks from the organization who now want them either dead or taken back for studies.

    This show's story is close to the OLDEST ANIME there is. It started as a manga comic for as far back as the 70's. This show's story was inspired by the confusion and uncertaintly of destructive technologies and the destruction of the world during the Cold War.

    After those manga's it became an Anime tv production. Based on its comic roots the story plays along roughly the same. They of course made some side adventures and such. All of which were perfect. This show has so much emotion I could feel exactly how the characters felt at the moment of truth during their desperate battles.

    Cartoon Network resently stopped its reruns/new eps. They need to bring it back.
  • i love this show! Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love this show. it has been one of my faves 4 ages.

    I reckon that the people out there that like this show are absolute legends. They must feel as annoyed as i do when cn took it off.

    I love how the characters are all from different backgrounds and different countrys. i think that that is why this show is so god damn good.

    I really want this show to come back on so that i can just sit down and chill in front of the tv.

    im wishing that it will come back on soon
    i give this a 10 out of 10, purely because it is so different and it teaches children everywhere all sorts of valuable life lessons.

    Ps: I also love how they end every episode with a remark eg: 'goodbye Computopia, the land with everything, except for love' (003 after leaving the cyberworld Computopia)! Isnt it cool? It just doesnt leave you hanging. I love that!!!
  • I don't know precisely when I found this show, but I wish Cartoon Network would continue playing it.

    I don't know precisely when I found this show, but I wish Cartoon Network would continue playing it. It had action and was interesting, though probably not a favorite, I loved the animation-and I only saw a few episodes. ^^ BRING IT BACK. BRING IT BACK. And I never knew they had earlier versions...;D
  • I like to much this program... Even that it pass on tv at 3 am (mexico) but i like to watch it and i like all the characters... :)

    Cyborg 009 talk about a big organization that decided to experimented with people, first they create the first prototypes named 001,002,003,004 (code names), but as they rebeal to BG'S organization, they got in sleep and then 50 years later... became prototype 005,006,007,008, and last one 009.

    They create a team which fight against BG and with his creator, they use want to have a peace life without wars.
  • I love this show! Its newly devoted fans enjoyed it as much as I do. But I was so disappointed that it was cancelled. Why is that?!

    I love this show! Its newly loyal fans enjoyed it just as much as I do. But I was so disappointed that it was cancelled. Why is that?! It\'s the best show I\'ve ever seen since who knows when. I just wanted to see all the episodes all over again.

    The episodes are great. They talk about stuff that teaches us a lesson about working together as a team. And it taught me and the show\'s highly devoted fans to help others in time of need.

    And another reason why I wanted it back is because the characters are full of extreme diversity.

    I give it a 10 because it has a lot of action and it would make me very happy to have it back again.

    Some people may not like the show because the way the characters like 009 look or act, but I love it because it\'s a classic.

    So I wish very hard for it to come back.
  • I love it and want it back. It's a great action anime, yet still somewhat symbolic.

    Well, I'm a definite anime fan. Cyborg 009 may not be the best anime, but it's certainly my favorite. It's authenticity amazes me(the first manga was published in 1964). I also enjoy its original, somewhat cartoony style, which is very noticeable while reading the manga. Each character has their own definite personality, unlike some other shows where characters sort of run together. I was explaining to my brother the other day how DragonBall Z tends to be more talking than action. Cyborg 009 does not do that. There's enough talking to explain what is happening or how a character feels, but still enough action to satisfy me. I'd like to see this be put on the air again. Even though there were only two seasons(I'm sad to say the creator, Shotaro Ishinomori has died), its life seemed limited. This is a great action show for kids of all ages, though it can be sad at times. Cyborg 009 really shows how cruel and violent war can be, how good friends pull you through hard times, and explains the true meaning of humanity.