Cyborg 009

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)


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  • This show was spectacular.I would give anything to see it in english again.

    This show was one of the best things i have ever watched. It's so true, and it tells the true meaning of life. Stuggles and death. Humanity and love. I think it didnt make it because they showed it to the wrong age group. Cartoonnetwork is more for children or tweens. This show can not be truly understood unless ur a teenager like i now am. i first watched it when it came out at i loved it the moment i saw it. Which was about ..... idk four years ago now. I loved it , but never really understood the show. But now that i am older ive watched the old tapes i have left of recording the show ( which are slowly desinigrating because i have watched them so much ) , and now i recently bought the whole series in Japanese with subtitles. Even thought the subs are off most of the time and I Really Miss Their Voices!!! I finally got to see the ending to the show, what i have been waiting for four years! I never saw the second season because it was shown at 1:00 a.m est here!! I never it remembered it being advertised about showing at such a ghastly hour and i surely would have taped it so i could have watched it at a more appropriate time. I think they made a mistake when they made it seem like kids should watch it, yes , but only teens and on can understand it and admire their fight for mankind. It was too deep for kids and they lost interest quickly because of it, because young kids enjoy action and even thought this has plenty of action they talk a lot too. Taking this show off was a horrid mistake, Shotaro Ishinomori's ( rest his soul) idea for this show was a masterpiece and i am upset on how it was treated.
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