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  • A true Anime jewel that has transcended time

    this anime, by Shoutarou Ishinomori-Sama is a real classic.

    Many viewers don't find this anime attractive and it is understandable; the animation differs from the average anime we're used to. Some might say the characters are grotesquely drawn and only two of them have those cute, rounded eyes that make other characters so pretty, but the truth is that Cyborg 009 is a living proof of the story and development of manga/anime and these genres would not be what they are if Ishinomori hadn't drawn this great story. Indeed, C009 needs to be appreciated within the context of its original creation: The original manga started in 1963, a time still shaken by the World War 2 and the cold war, and those problems, along with some others proper of that time, were fused together into the character of Black Ghost; an organization set to conquer the world by any means.

    Each one of the nine cyborgs are from different parts of the world and through them, social problems are reflected. Their personalities are very well set different and it gives the show a very nice dynamic.

    The animation is a great amalgam: we get to see the evolution of anime through it: Those big hands and strange body shapes were the norm in the first mangas, and the producers of the 2000 series decided to keep them, mixing them with new characteristics, giving this anime a very different visual feeling.

    Not everybody enjoy it, and probably only those know the manga/anime history will understand how great Cyborg 009 is. But for me it is an awesome show. It is such a shame Ishinomori-sama died before completing his creation.
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