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Allen Walker is an Exorcist in 19th century Europe. He must use the Innocence to battle the Akuma - demons created from the souls of the dead - and stop the Millennium Earl from bringing about the destruction of the world.

Hoshino Katsura's D.Gray-man began serialization in Japan's Weekly Shounen Jump in 2004; and in October of 2006, the premiere of the animated version began.

Opening/endingThemes Opening Theme 1: "Innocent Sorrow" by Abingdon Boys School (ep. 1-25) Opening Theme 2: "Brightdown" by Nami Tamaki (ep. 26-51) Opening Theme 3: "Doubt and Trust" by Access (ep. 52-76) Opening Theme 4:"Gekidou" by UVERworld (ep. 77-103) Ending Theme 1: "Snow Kiss" by Nirgilis (ep. 1-13) Ending Theme 2: "Pride of Tomorrow" by June (ep. 14-25) Ending Theme 3: Yume No Tsuzuki He" by Surface (ep. 26-38) Ending Theme 4: "Antoinette Blue" by Nana Kitade (ep. 39-51) Ending Theme 5: "Anata Ga Koko Ni Iru Riyuu" by Rie Fu (ep. 52-64) Ending Theme 6: "Wish" by Sowelu (ep. 65-76) Ending Theme 7: "Regret" by Mai Hoshimura (ep. 77-89) Ending Theme 8: "Changin" by Stephanie (ep. 90-103)moreless
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  • It's very well written. One of the best anime/manga I have watched/read

    @ shadowysea07, Please do some search before showing you don't know anything. How can you say she stole two characters?!!! Those series that you have mentioned have stolen the characters designs and personalities. was created in 2004. Blood+ and tales of legendia were created in 2005. Those series and characters you claim Allen and Lenalee are the copies of them are created after so they are the ones that are the copies of Allen and Lenalee. I don't like Allen's hair which is like Sasuke, because he's my least favorite character while Allen is one of my favorite characters. I've watched Blood+. Lenalee is nothing like Saya. She's much better than uninteresting character. The story is dark and rather tragic, so if don't like these kinds of stories, simply don't watch it, instead of hating on the story.

    @clearwater04, Actually that's why he's one of the few good main characters. We don't need main characters like Ichigo, Naruto or Luffy who are so stupid (I don't say Allen's very smart but he's smarter than those three) or more powerful than anyone. If you mean by better main characters, characters like them, I'm truly sorry. He is a unique main character. I don't know what do you mean by Allen's face being unoriginal. You talk as if anime characters are very different in general. So many anime characters looks similar to each other. Originality or vise versa means so little in anime/manga world. At least Hoshino's work is much more beautiful than Naruto and One Piece. Her artwork is one the best artworks I've seen in the Manga world. What do you mean by Kanda's name being the dumbest name? It's just a name!moreless
  • SO SAD!!!

    I absolutely LOVED this show from the very start. I would have to say it is one of my favourite anime and I am really sad that they cancled it. I tried my hardest to see if there were more episodes but it seems like there's not. I've just finished watching it for the second time and I am really upset about the fact that there's no more episodes. I know there's the manga but I don't want to read it. I liked the anime to much to read the manga and the thought of reading makes me a bit annoyed. I have nothing against manga but the way this show used it's music and colour and everything made me sick to think of reading the manga without those attributes. I'm really going to miss this show and I will always have a happy memory of Allen and Timcanpy. As for the other characters although they have their good moments they annoy and bore me sometimes. Except for Kanda. He's awesome. AND ROAD! I love Road and Tykki! They're so cool and I kind of wanted Road and Allen to get together. ;)

    Goodbye D. Gray-Man! :'(

  • its unoriginallity and chopped up plot lead to its being cancelled

    It would of been so much better if it had been more organized. It also prettymuch stole two of its main characters. lenalee is a copy of seiya from blood plus and allen is a copy of senel coolidge from tales of legendia videogame. Then they later change allens hair to resemble sasukes. Then theres yu kanda who they never explain anything about him at all. They use a special crystal called innocence which allows them to gain superpowers as long as they obey it. it causes the user great pain and sadness so overall it sucks pretty much. the show had low ratings and was cancelled but the manga i believe is still ongoing.moreless
  • Pretty much the best anime of all time

    I'm not what people would call an "animaniac", a fan of anime that is, not the weird cartoon show. I prefer cartoons more than anime, although I must admit that anime is very good, but anyway, I believe D.Gray-Man is the best anime I've ever watched. Its songs are decent, unlike Naruto (no offence there, but the songs are pretty bad), and its plotline is marvellous. Though most people are put off by Allen's "rotten hand and demonic eye", I find them the main highlight of the show, the fact that lead characters don't always have to look perfect. Allen is also different from many anime in that he's nice, polite, does not want to stick out in the limelight, and never fails to grin, even in times of trouble. That is different from the typical shonen anime where the lead is reckless, somewhat stupid, annoying but possesses some natural ability that's special from others which makes him, grudgingly, the lead. Some examples include Naruto, Ash from Pokemon, the goggle boys from Digimon (especially Daisuke of Digimon Adventure 2) and many more, I'm positive. Allen, on the other hand, is so sweet that I feel he deserves some credit for just being the way he is.

    I've written enough now, and feel so much better for expressing my passion for this anime.moreless
  • D. Gray-Man is about a boy named Allen Walker, he has a special wepon called innocence ,and his left eye is cursed and allows him to see the demons.So he joins something called the Dark order. And it's MOSTLY about his missions he goes on and what happensmoreless

    I think D. Gray-Man is a pretty good show. The character are interesting and also have great designs. The plot is (to me) very interesting, i like the whole exorcists, destroy the all the demon/akuma,the Millennium Earl/Noahs, and my favorite part is the innocence, anti-akuma wepons thing they got going on (Allen's crown clown will probably look totally awesome, i also liked his huge metal claw/arm/wepon thing).

    I also love the Noah clan (they're awesome).

    I think the coolest characters are: Tyki Mikk (his "black side"), Allen W., " Jasdebii" (Jasdero and Debitto/David. Both Noahs),Road K., and Lenalee.

    I give D. Gray-Man a 9.9 (or a 10 i guess. I don't really care which one it is, it's still extraspectacularisticly awesome;)moreless

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