D. Gray-Man

Season 4 Episode 14

Black Carnival

Aired Tuesday 6:00 PM Jul 01, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • exciting! a lot of action!Allen and Lavi continue fighting with transformed Tyki!

    The transformed Tyki is too fast and too powerful for Allen and Lavi, and with the door destroyed there is no way out of the Ark. Despite there is little hope, the Exorcists fight back. And when attacked by Tyki, Chaoji even reacts to a nearby Innocence(the one Froi Tiedoll,the general with glasses kept), saving his and Lenalee's life for the while,bit it would not stand for long since if he continues struggling,he might broke. The fight continues, as Allens vows to fight until his life ends. Meanwhile, strange beings guard a large round object and seem to be defeated by one of their own.