D. Gray-Man

TV Tokyo (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Resounding In Long Morning
      Everyone thinks that the Level 4 is defeated, but it suddenly wakes up and attack Allen. However it is destroyed later on by the help of the Generals. Although the Level 4 has been destroyed, Millennium Earl and the Noah are still alive and are in the course of making a new Akuma egg.moreless
    • Words of Promise
      Words of Promise
      Episode 26
      Lenalee remembers her life before the Innocence forced her to live at the black tower. She reflects on how Komui joined the Black Order to be with her. Lenalee drinks the Innoncence and then blood pours out of her legs. Later, the Innocence uses her blood to materialize into boots; thus avoiding the need to become parasitic. She battles the level 4 with Allen and they end up pushing Allen's sword through the Akuma.moreless
    • To God, Who I Hate So Much
      The Level 4 starts its attack on the Central Headquarters. He targets Komui, thinking that he is an exorcist. When the Level 4 is trapped in a shield, Komui takes the oppurtunity to find Hevlaska, with Kanda and Chaoji following him. Meanwhile, Malcolm forces Lenalee to follow him and meet Hevlaska, with Lavi running after them. When Komui and Kanda go down the elevator, the Level 4 attacks them. Hevlaska tries to force the Innocence into Lenalee's body, but suddenly, the Level 4 attacks Hevlaska, leaving her seriously injured. Lenalee tries to call out for her Innocence while the Level 4 steps on her head.moreless
    • Level 4
      Level 4
      Episode 24
      A Level 4 akuma appears and creates a big ruckus, destroying a lot of things. Allen fights with it, but the fight doesn't go well. Will he be able to survive?
    • Noah of Lust
      Noah of Lust
      Episode 23
      The exorcists defeat all but one Combined Akuma. However, when Lulubell comes back for the egg, she transforms into a liquid form, and the Generals are unable to damage her. Lulubell traps Miranda inside her liquid form and escaped with the egg. The Generals use their anti-Akuma weapons to fire at Lulubell, despite Miranda being inside her. However, Miranda is protected by Allen, so she was not harmed. Meanwhile, Johnny went looking for Tapp. However, Tapp was already a skull and thought of Johnny as an enemy. Johnny is then swallowed up by the only remaining alive Combined Akuma. And Allen heard someone laughing, foreshadowing that a Level 4 is coming.moreless
    • Strength of a General
      Allen exorcises numerous Akuma but they won't stop coming at him, their aim being to prevent the exorcists from reaching the egg.In the meantime, Lulu Bell opens a new gate that will take the kidnapped Allen and the egg back to the Earl. Will she be able to make a clean escape?moreless
    • Headquarters Under Siege
      A violent battle ensues with Allen and Bookman fighting Lulubell's army of Level 3 Akuma, while the science department is slowly turned into a colony of Skulls.
    • Yet the Hands of Time Move Onward
      Howard Link notifies Allen that he will be under surveillance. After hearing Howard talk to Allen, Lenalee talks to her brother to understand the meaning of this, and comes in contact with Inspector Malcolm C. That leads to the memories of her past, when she was traumatized by him. Eventually, Allen learns that he is suspected of being related to the "Fourteenth". Later on, it is discovered that the science department of the Order, somehow, removed the Akuma "egg" from the ark to study it. But afterwards, someone gets stabbed near the egg.moreless
    • The Sheep and the Dog
      Komui and Bak meet with other Branch heads and the four Generals, and are confronted by Special Inspector Malcolm C. Levellier and his toady Howard Link. Levellier and Link outline all the events that started in Edo, and propose severe punishments for Cross as well as putting Allen on trial for heresy, because he and Cross clearly have some sort of tie with the enemy, specifically the Fourteenth Noah. Thus, Levellier assign Howard Link to supervise Allen's every movement, twenty-four/seven.moreless
    • Homecoming
      Episode 18
      With the battles over, Allen opens a door to Edo, and a tearful reunion with the others takes place. Afterwards, they all head home to the Order, where they heal up and enjoy a relaxed day.
    • Melody
      Episode 17
      Allen manages to stop the downloading of the Ark's Heart through his piano-playing, and revives his friends. There remains one problem now, how to return home.
    • Shadow of the Musician
      The Earl of Millenium begins the relocation of the Ark's Heart, and Allen must counteract that power with the help of the "Musician".
    • Judgement
      Episode 15
      The transformed Tyki is ravaging Allen and the others, but just as all seem lost, Cross Marian of all people shows up. With his two weapons, Grave of Maria and Judgement, he makes quick work of Tyki, which makes Allen and Lavi realize how weak they are. However, the Ark is crumbling fast, and the door out is broken. How can they get out alive?moreless
    • Black Carnival
      Black Carnival
      Episode 14
      The transformed Tyki is too fast and too powerful for Allen and Lavi, and with the door destroyed there is no way out of the Ark. Despite there is little hope, the Exorcists fight back. And when attacked by Tyki, Chaoji even reacts to a nearby Innocence, saving his and Lenalee's life for the while. The fight continues, as Allens vows to fight until his life ends. Meanwhile, strange beings guard a large round object and seem to be defeated by one of their own.moreless
    • The Voice of Darkness
      After damaging Road in the dream world, Lavi starts to fade away. Allen manages to save him and the fire turns into stone. Lenalee starts to believe that Allen and Lavi are gone, but they emerge from the pile of stone. Road starts to laugh hysterically until she bursts into smoke. Soon after, the room starts to crumble. When they reach the exit, Allen decides to save Tyki, but is pulled down to the floor below. After the dust clears, it seems something is wrong with Tyki, who has transformed into something terrifying.moreless
    • Lavi
      Episode 12
      Lavi's other self looks on and lectures Lavi, who is soon defeated by his illusionary friends. Road reveals Lavi was never injured and releases him, now controlled by his Bookman heart, and orders Allen to kill him. However, Lavi struggles in his mind and, back in control of his body, burns himself and engulfs Road in flame. She still seems uninjured however, until a blade pierces her body. Back in the dream world, Lavi realizes that Allen is the true Road, and succeeds in damaging her.moreless
    • Critical Point
      Critical Point
      Episode 11
      After exceeding a critical point, Allen's power and synch-rate with his Innocence has drastically increased. Allen finally breaks through Tyki's defenses and reveals his purpose: to save the human, or "white" side, of the Noah, while killing the Noah within. Allen exorcises the Noah from Tyki, but Chaoji is suddenly stabbed by Road's candles. After watching her family member exorcised, Road surrounded them with candle stakes and swore her revenge, deciding to destroy Lavi's mind trapped within her.moreless
    • Shy Person
      Shy Person
      Episode 10
      While Lavi views his past memory, Allen is trapped in a vacuum by Tyki. With his life hanging by a thread, he must synchronise his Innocence to the maximum in order to survive.
    • Dark-Colored Rhapsody
      The remainder of the group arrive at the last room of the Ark still standing, where Tyki and Road are awaiting. They soon start their battle, but with both Kanda and Krory lost, can they even hope to win?
    • Bloody Krory
      Bloody Krory
      Episode 8
      After Krory's loss, a special person suddenly stands before him, and restrengthens his resolve. Now his blood melds together with his Innocence, and creates a bloody body to face Jasdevi once again.
    • Jasdevi, Enter
      Jasdevi, Enter
      Episode 7
      Jasdevi are finally getting serious, as they have merged together and are ready to fight the Exorcists. However, Krory, in his wounded state, makes a fateful - and to the others, upsetting - decision.
    • Bad Game
      Bad Game
      Episode 6
      Now unable to see Jasdevi or the exit key, the Exorcists get into a panic. However, Krory is able to detect Jasdevi's presence and he and Allen begin fighting, while Lavi uses his trained Bookman eye to find the genuine key.
    • Debt Crisis
      Debt Crisis
      Episode 5
      The remaining group start their battle with Jasdevi. However, Jasdevi is more concerned about getting Allen to pay Cross' debt. When they finally do get serious, they play a trick on the group which will make things hard for them.
    • Twin's Trap
      Twin's Trap
      Episode 4
      Allen, Lenalee, Lavi, Chaoji and Rero are challenged by Jasdevi, hidden out of sight, to a very interesting game involving traps, poker and wine bottles as revenge for the way General Cross fooled them.
    • Noah's Memory
      Noah's Memory
      Episode 3
      In the aftermath of Kanda and Skin's battle, Kanda struggles toward the exit of the room. However, Skin awakens again, his body fueled by the anger of Noah. Can Kanda withstand yet another attack from Skin? And will he get out before the room collapses?
    • Taboo, Three Illusions
      The battle between Kanda and Skin Boric continues. They both release their full powers, but Kanda is getting beat. However, when a hidden power emerges from Kanda, things may change...
    • Skin Bolic Room
      Skin Bolic Room
      Episode 1
      Kanda starts his fight with one of the Noah --Skinn Bolic-- . Unfortunately Kanda is barely making a dent in Skinn`s armor and Skinn is unleashing a powerfull attack.
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