D. Gray-Man

TV Tokyo (ended 2008)





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  • Pretty much the best anime of all time

    I'm not what people would call an "animaniac", a fan of anime that is, not the weird cartoon show. I prefer cartoons more than anime, although I must admit that anime is very good, but anyway, I believe D.Gray-Man is the best anime I've ever watched. Its songs are decent, unlike Naruto (no offence there, but the songs are pretty bad), and its plotline is marvellous. Though most people are put off by Allen's "rotten hand and demonic eye", I find them the main highlight of the show, the fact that lead characters don't always have to look perfect. Allen is also different from many anime in that he's nice, polite, does not want to stick out in the limelight, and never fails to grin, even in times of trouble. That is different from the typical shonen anime where the lead is reckless, somewhat stupid, annoying but possesses some natural ability that's special from others which makes him, grudgingly, the lead. Some examples include Naruto, Ash from Pokemon, the goggle boys from Digimon (especially Daisuke of Digimon Adventure 2) and many more, I'm positive. Allen, on the other hand, is so sweet that I feel he deserves some credit for just being the way he is.
    I've written enough now, and feel so much better for expressing my passion for this anime.