D. Gray-Man

TV Tokyo (ended 2008)





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  • D. Gray-Man is about a boy named Allen Walker, he has a special wepon called innocence ,and his left eye is cursed and allows him to see the demons.So he joins something called the Dark order. And it's MOSTLY about his missions he goes on and what happens

    I think D. Gray-Man is a pretty good show. The character are interesting and also have great designs. The plot is (to me) very interesting, i like the whole exorcists, destroy the all the demon/akuma,the Millennium Earl/Noahs, and my favorite part is the innocence, anti-akuma wepons thing they got going on (Allen's crown clown will probably look totally awesome, i also liked his huge metal claw/arm/wepon thing).
    I also love the Noah clan (they're awesome).
    I think the coolest characters are: Tyki Mikk (his "black side"), Allen W., " Jasdebii" (Jasdero and Debitto/David. Both Noahs),Road K., and Lenalee.

    I give D. Gray-Man a 9.9 (or a 10 i guess. I don't really care which one it is, it's still extraspectacularisticly awesome;)