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  • Definitely worth buying the DVD set!! I Did

    Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius. If you haven't seen Da Ali G Show, you are in for LOL. Sacha Baron Cohen plays 3 characters Borat a foreigner from Kazakhstan, Ali G a wannabe rapper, and bruno a gay Austrian fashion reporter. May not sound so funny, but what these 3 characters do is interview sometimes semi famous and important people who have no idea that it is indeed a character which is a great show of interaction. The show only lasted two seasons but has a strong cult following and was spun off into 2 successful box offices movies and one straight to dvd release movie.
  • couldn't look away from the hilarious show

    Ali G is the most original comedy character to come out of Britain since Alan Patridge. At first, on The 11 O'Clock Show, he was a stupid, uninformed waster, who wanted to be a black rapper, who thought drugs and violence and rap were cool because his friends told him so. An all-too-acurate parody of British youth today, and hilariously funny.

    But when Ali G became popular enough to get his own show, it all changed. No longer was Ali a fool; he was somewhat of a hero for the kids who tuned in. They never understood his humour, nor where they mean to; this is 20-something cult comedy, and should have remained so. However, thanks to his new-found fame, Ali actor Sasha baron Cohen turned Ali into a character you laughed with rather than at. He was in on the joke, and instead of making viewers laugh at today's youth, he made today's youth laugh at the rest of society. It's still funny, but no way near as clever.

    It's a shame that such a great concept has been so diluted, but hey, that's what happens when cult goes swimming in the mainstream. Atleast Cohen's other character, Borat, is as unchanged as he is hilarious.
  • Sasha Baren Cohen\'s character driven comedy show featuring characters such as Borat, and Ali G.

    This show is absolutely fabuluos!!! Sasha Baron Cohen\'s characters are unique. He is a creative genius that continues to shock with his raunchy and racy exposure of the human condition. I\'ve never laughed harder than I have when watching him absolutely make fools of people. I can only hope that this show continues on to explore more and more of the human condition, and expose the character flaws that we all have. This show is so so so so so good! I\'m sure you all agree that its fantastic! Go Sasha Go! Never quit pushing the freaking envelope. I\'m out!
  • absolute crap

    this has got to be the absolute worst television show i have ever seen. the character is a giant jackass! why in the world hbo would have ever done something like this is beyond me. i actually made it through one episode and when it was over i wanted to beat the crap out of the guy.
  • booyakasha!

    this is the most amazing show ever on television ever! anyone who can act as a british gangster, gay german fashion model, and kazakhstani immigrant is definitely on my list, and the fact that he can do everything so well really makes me give this show a 10. also, having politicians on the show really gives it the edge, especially when they rap in the end.
  • what a brilliant show!

    Ali G is the funniest most hilarious show on television apart from maybe Little Britain. Not only is Ali G brilliant but his other characters are equally if not more funny. Borat is manic and what is that German character? Seriously- only a genius could come up with that kind of stuff! It's gold!
  • So un-PC, it's good.

    the first time i watched the da ali g show, i couldn't believe what i was watching. upon viewing additional episodes, i was hooked & needed to watch more. i find it unbelieveable that sacha baron cohen can continuously stay in character while conducting his interviews & keep a straight face while he's doing it.

    granted, the content is not for everyone (and can definitely be offensive if you can't find humor in an anti-semetic journalist from kazakhstan with a penchant for mistreating his wife), but i must applaud sacha's audacity and courage to tell it like it is.
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